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  1. Love this pic!!

  2. A collection of Yas Waterworld videos released so far:

  3. Here's another unregistered and I can guarantee you that it won't open this year. See you all in January!

  4. ...says unregistered.

  5. I am afraid it won't open this year.

  6. Dammit they gonna beat the Disney water parks in Orlando!!

  7. If they want to stick to their Q4 opening deadline, it's time to make an announcement!

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    "I think the award submission itself talks about 55 kilometres of pipework, 80 kilometres of cabling, that no one will see. Yet, without that, nobody will experience a wonderful journey within the water park. Forty-three rides, 43 attractions - it will be a cracking experience for everyone when it opens towards the end of this year. But it wouldn't have happened without Voltas; clearly the design is great, but Voltas has made it happen.”

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