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20 Nov 2012
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05 Nov 2015
21 Sep 2021
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  1. Following the completion of its Master Redevelopment Plan (MRP)1 in July 2012, the Ocean Park has embarked on the TSW Project to further enhance the Park’s overall appeal and tourist receiving capacity, and to facilitate the general public to revisit the fun of waterpark.
    The OPC points out that the TSW Project is entirely different from other traditional waterparks. Under the new design, both the indoor and outdoor zones are built on hillsides. The waterpark also adopts a design of mimics cascading pools and features more greening elements. While the iconic design makes the waterpark a landmark in itself, it also blends seamlessly into the surrounding natural landscape and minimizes the visual impact on the local communities. On the other hand, the new design takes out the steel framework required for supporting large building structure as proposed in the concept plan, which helps enhance the cost-effectiveness of works, improve natural ventilation and reduce energy consumption. The spatial arrangement of the new design ensures that visitors may enjoy a panoramic sea view from most areas of the waterpark, both indoors and outdoors, and a most memorable experience from the point they purchase tickets at the entrance to the thrilling rides on various platforms.
    Under the new design, the following facilities and attractions are provided on a series of terraced indoor and outdoor platforms:

    (a) As the entry level, Level 1 provides a drop-off area and vehicular access. It also accommodates the main lobby, changing and locker rooms, back-of- house facilities, food and beverage (F&B) and retail outlets.

    (b) The indoor part of Level 2 features more F&B outlets and a few back-of- house facilities, along with plunge pools for rides, an indoor lazy river and a wave rider. The outdoor part consists of a wave pool, a lazy river, pool decks, and a landscape deck with cabanas.

    (c) Level 3 is the top building level which houses an indoor children’s play zone, a toddlers pool and an indoor wave pool. There is also an infinity pool and a landscape deck with cabanas in the outdoor area.

    In drawing up the detailed design, the construction cost has been one of the considerations of the OPC and its consultant. In this connection, they have strived to trim the costs for architectural details while preserving the enhanced design concept. The OPC has also hired an independent quantity surveying expert to review the construction cost. The total project cost with the enhanced detailed design is estimated to be around $2,900 million.
    In order to ensure that the proposed project quality will be achieved, the OPC has adjusted the completion date of the TSW Project to the second half of 2018.

  2. An indoor surfing simulator, a high-speed slide and wave pools will be among the 13 attractions that will be on offer at Ocean Park's new water playground, which is set to open in the summer of 2017.

  3. The exuberant reception and international recognition of the “New Ocean Park” experience has given our management team and the Hong Kong public tremendous confidence in our ability to create world-class landmark attractions. We are grateful to the HKSAR government, with the support of the Legislative Council, for extending a loan for the development of the now-closed Tai Shue Wan area into a new year-round water park destination attraction. Targeted for completion in 2017, the new development project will complement our already award- winning combination of animal presentations and entertaining rides with a leading-edge water park. Such a unique offering will enable us to extend the duration of guest visitation to multiple days, thereby elevating the appeal of Ocean Park as a destination resort beyond the region to the entire world. This will also help Hong Kong meet the demand of rising tourist arrivals – projected at double-digit annual increases over the next decade – and
    bolter the city’s competitiveness against other emerging regional destinations.

    In addition to supporting the local tourism industry, the new development underscores a key formula of our success during our 36-year history – local relevance. When completed, the new water park will enable the community to relive their favourite water play memories in an innovative facility designed and equipped to the highest international standards and set against the backdrop of the beautiful South China Sea. Like the completed MRP, the new water park will further transform the Southern District, bringing with it employment opportunities and economic benefits during its development and beyond.

  4. The Ocean Park completed its MRP in July 2012, and the addition of new attractions such as Aqua City, Rainforest, Polar Adventure to name but a few has turned a local theme park into a world-class, must-see marine-based attraction of Hong Kong. The Ocean Park is a valuable asset in our tourism portfolio, and has been widely popular with tourists and Hong Kong residents alike. Its old waterpark, including the thrill of sliding down the Super Slides, remains to be a thread of the fabric of Hong Kong residents’ collective memory. Meanwhile, theme parks and entertainment facilities of different natures have been built in our main competitor cities and the Ocean Park needs to keep rejuvenating itself to maintain competitiveness. In 2012, the attendance of the Ocean Park reached another new record of more than 7.4 million. It also needs to expand to provide further capacity and to ensure a pleasant stay for visitors. With these considerations in mind, the Government agrees that the OPC should embark on another phase of development, and that redeveloping the Tai Shue Wan area into a new integrated theme zone with the main focus on an all-weather indoor-cum-outdoor waterpark should be pursued. This will not only add to the variety of Hong Kong’s tourism offerings, but also allow our local grown-ups to recall their youthful memories. In addition, a novel and interesting destination will be added for our new generation.

    In brief, the Project will comprise three key components, i.e. (i) an all-weather indoor-cum-outdoor waterpark; (ii) a retail-dining-cum-entertainment (RDE) zone; and (iii) a parking zone. For the waterpark, there will be an indoor area which will be operational under all weather, an outdoor area which will provide added water facilities during summer, and a resort-style premium zone providing value-added facilities and amenities such as a semi-private pool. The RDE zone will consist of a restaurant cluster serving various styles of dining and some small stalls for retail purpose. The parking zone built underneath the waterpark will provide some 260 parking spaces.

    The Project will be a “second-gate” attraction with separate entrance and admission fee to the main park. According to the OPC, “water” and “marine animals” will be the overall theme of the waterpark, which is in harmony with the existing theme of the Ocean Park. Under the OPC’s latest workplan, it will embark on the demolition and preparation work in late 2013 and the main construction works will commence in early 2015. The Project is scheduled for completion in the second half of 2017. It is estimated that the total attendance of the waterpark, including local visitors, will exceed 1.5 million in its first year of operation. The total project cost is estimated to be $2,290 million.

    From the tourism angle, the Project will enrich the overall tourism appeal of Hong Kong by offering product diversity and additional capacity in one of our major tourist attractions, which in turn will enhance the status of Hong Kong as a premier destination for family visitors in the region. According to the economic impact assessment conducted by the OPC’s independent consultant based on some broad assumptions, the Project is expected to bring about net additional quantifiable economic benefits to Hong Kong in the region of some $842 million (in 2018) to $1,240 million (in 2048) per annum in present value terms. The ongoing operation of the Project will generate some 2900 (in 2018) to 4290 (in 2048) new jobs.

    As from the district angle, it is expected that the Project will enhance the economic activities of the Southern District by attracting a significant number of visitors there. Coupling with the improvement works on the tourist attractions and facilities of Aberdeen which are underway, the Project will help further enhance the overall tourism development of the district concerned.

  5. Looking ahead, we are also planning to introduce 3 new hotels as well as an all-season water park and resort area to continue expand our range of offerings," said Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park.

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