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  1. Wanda's first "theme park" will be the indoor movie park in the city of Wuhan.

    Construction progress 2013:


    Construction progress 2014:


  2. Theme Park renderings from the Wanda booth at the Asian Attractions Expo:

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    Nanchang Intamin

    Possibly layout for the Nanchang Intamin was released by Wanda

    Source: VHCoasters

  4. Wanda Movie Park in Wuhan:

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    Here's the official site for Wanda Xishuangbanna International Resort:
    ts mostly in Chinese but it is possible to navigate (I HATE sites which play music)

    Took me a little while to dig out the actual park but if you can click through to the main page with a menu along the bottom its the third from the right.

    Areas appear to be
    Butterfly Kingdom
    Jungle Adventure
    Tea Horse Road
    Fisherman's Wharf
    and a water park.

    I've taken screens of the concept art for people who can't be bothered to navigate a Chinese site.

    Here's the concept art for the Intamin Water Coaster

    The flyer appears here

    Jungle area.



    Breaking Ground

    Theres a couple more here

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    (1/16/14) Back in November it was announced at IAAPA that Great Coasters International would build “The Viper”, their biggest wooded roller coaster ever at the Wanda (Nanchang) Culture Tourism City to open in 2015. (Stats: 50 meter (164 ft) tall lift hill and 1,500 meters (4921 ft) of track).

    Earlier this month it was reported that the Wanda Group had purchased a new B&M Flyer Coaster for Xishuangbanna International Resort project.

    Today I found an interesting bit of news on the Dynamic Attractions website that confirms that they are now in the midsts of building Dynamic’s very first “Generation II Flying Theaters” attraction for Wanda as well.

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    Wanda’s Xishuangbanna International Resort seems to be getting a B&M flyer. Looks like Manta meets Superman.


  8. "targeting Disney"... we'll see...

    Wang, chairman of real estate developer Dalian Wanda Group, who was ranked by Forbes as the richest person in China in 2013, has become more ambitious in his plans for the company since late last year.

    One of the company's latest projects is a theme park in Hefei in eastern China's Anhui province, construction for which began last year.

    "I'm targeting Disney. I never have blind faith in foreigners. I will prove that a tourism project built by the Chinese can compete with the so-called famous brands from the United States," Wang said.

  9. These "theme parks" are going to be terrible!

  10. When reading this I don't develop good feelings about these Wanda theme parks. They suffer from delusions of grandeur and have no theme park experience.

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