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  1. Finally some proper pictures from inside Wanda Wuhan Movie theme park. Looks like LOTS OF knock offs from Universal and the like.

    Photo source:

  2. Wanda Wuhan Movie Park is open now!


  3. From Weibo:

    The official website is down for the last 48h already:

  4. Wanda Movie Park in Wuhan will open to the public in two days!

  5. ITEC has been working with the Dalian Wanda Group, a Chinese conglomerate, on a mixed-use development in the city of Wuhan. It will include a movie theme park that will open later this year.

    ITEC’s projects include a simulator filled with scenes of earthquakes and tsunamis, and a live theater production called Ultimate Energy.

  6. Wanda Movie Park how it's supposed to look like once open:

    Found it here:

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