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Local Name:
Vidanta World
Former Name(s):
Celebrate Project, The Park
12 Nov 2014
Construction Start:
Sep 2015
47 ha
Grupo Vidanta
Grupo Vidanta, MR ProFun
Other Suppliers:
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    Does anyone have any updates? It has been months since we have learned anything. How is construction progressing? Anyone have any new pictures of status of construction? Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks so much for posting an update about the theme park at Vidanta. Do you know if Cirque du Soleil is even still attached to the project? This was the main reason we joined at Grand Bliss two years ago. At signing, we were told the park would be open by November 2018. Now it's looking like Phase 1 will not be opening until 2020. And there have been constant rumors circulating that by the time it's built, Cirque won't even be involved anymore. Would you happen to have any info regarding this?

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    Visited Vidanta and received park update - Jan 2019

    I was at Vidanta earlier this week (Jan 2019) and went up to 9th floor of Grand Bliss, overlooking the new park and received an update on construction.

    First of all, I told Vidanta staff they were awful at communication and park goers who are interested in visiting are making up their own messaging about the park. It appears to me as if funding is constrained (I had heard some interesting rumors about original park ownership & funding having come from certain, ah....questionable sources, not rumors I chose to inquire about, but construction is indeed proceeding)

    1st: The original park architect and Vidanta have (supposedly amicably) parted ways. A new architect has been hired and the park is progressing from what I saw. Both Phase 1, hotels, cirque acrobatics and rides and Phase 2, water park, are under construction. There are 4+ construction canes erecting hotels (typical Puerto Vallarta concrete/block construction) and access roads and various hydro-logic and civil construction projects are under way.

    2nd: Phase 1 construction is scheduled for completion Nov 2020; not sure of Phase 2 and beyond.

    3rd: There will be two levels of park accommodations: a normal hotel style in studio, 1 and 3 bedrooms (with convertible couches, which, if Sea Garden is any indication are quite comfortable) and an exclusive, ultra expensive, luxury style (I have rights for 10 weeks in 1BR normal style along with guaranteed park admission every day through that week), which I plan to rent on open market, once park opens.

    4th: There will be a train from the center of the Vidanta property, Santuario (the central cocktail lounge/showroom) as well as a gondola from the Grand Luxe.

    5th: Attendance each day will be capped at 6,000 people.

    6th: Overall park size is planned for 240 acres (I think the original plan was 26). If you know the Vidanta property, there is more than enough room (and water) to support the planned size. Also, the water park plans include a "lazy river".

    These are all plans as of of course, anything can change.

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  6. Michael is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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  7. Just returned, there seem to be about 4 hotel buildings roughed in, but not complete. There is a large earthen embankment going around the site.

    Saw them actively pouring concrete roadbed every time we drove by, and not by the entrance plaza.

    According to one of the Vidanta hotel managers, they have completed the underground utilities, so above ground progress will become more apparent.

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    At my presentation last week I was told that their would be a Cirque show and a Cirque Academy at the site. An ex-Disney engineer now in charge of the design side. From the limited view driving past the site I could see a massive amount of earthworks had been done. Construction of access roads and gatehouses were going on.

  9. They told me that Cirque du Soleil is involved in the project. They completely changed the configuration of the park.

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