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Local Name:
Vidanta World
Former Name(s):
Celebrate Project, The Park
12 Nov 2014
Construction Start:
Sep 2015
47 ha
  1. I just came back from an eight hour sales presentation with Vidanta. I was told the grand opening for the park is next December. I foolishly bought into their lies.
    They are madly spinning yarn to sell enough packages to even have the money to get close to completing it. Still pushing it as Cirque du Soleil. Then they want you to sign papers stating they are not affiliated with Cirque du Soleil.

  2. I am told that there will be a big announcement in mid-May where final and updated plans will be released for the Park. Stay tuned!

  3. I heard that Guy Laliberté is putting some money on it, even when there is no cirque or show involved in the project. It's a major redesign for the park. There's a few information for now. The opening day should have been changed to 2021 or 2022.

  4. So the project tanked. With merely 100 words to describe The Parks... no Cirque du Soleil, not tripled or doubled in scope. I'd bet it's not even going to open.

  5. The park its still going on, but not with Cirque du Soleil anymore. Here the new Webpage of the project by Vidanta.

  6. I have been told repeatedly, not by senior management of Vidanta, that the scope of the project has tripled since the initial idea of three parks (KOS, KOM, Cascades). I have heard and can corroborate what the previous poster just added.
    Connected, but not related to the theme park, Vidanta will begin construction on a development of super high end luxury homes on this property. It is located on the open land nearer to the bay. Also, a target date of very end 2019 for opening of the first phase.

  7. That statement is absolutely false and the first phase will not be delayed until 2020/21. Stop listening to a bunch of people who have no actual facts. I was in corporate a few months ago. Here are some actual facts:

    1: Goddard Group was removed from the project because they couldn't deliver on their ideas.
    2: Retired Disney engineer was hired to complete the project.
    2A: Daniel Chavez is required to spend at least 40 hours a week with Disney engineer on project
    2B: This was required by the Disney Engineer or he wouldn't agree to do the job.
    3: Much of the theme park structures are being built off-site and will be assembled at the park.
    4: Kingdom of the sun will open first (Resort and theme park).
    5: Grand Cascades (resort and water park) may open with KOS but could be delayed slightly.
    6: Kingdom of the Moon will open closer to the end of 2019 if not early 2020.
    7: There are no current plans to expand the Cirque Du Soleil theme park further.
    8: There are plans to have a casino resort across the highway from the theme park.
    8A: On the map you will see the area as open land near a cluster of homes.
    9: There is more land to expand any of the projects if they choose.

    They are still trying to get the project opened before the end of 2018 but the engineering changes may have taken a toll. Many feel early to mid 2019 would be likely.

  8. My source at Vidanta tells me this is categorically false.

  9. Source for the information about Cirque du Soleil? That is a pretty bold statement to make without substantiating the claim. I know construction has slowed, and Goddard group has been replaced. But, the overall plan has now tripled in size from original concept.

  10. Grupo Vidanta is about to lose, or has already lost, the Cirque du Soleil licensing agreement for the theme park.

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