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Local Name:
Vidanta World
Former Name(s):
Celebrate Project, The Park
12 Nov 2014
Construction Start:
Sep 2015
47 ha
  1. Elinformador2 is offline Park Investigator
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    These are some of the newest advances that I found in the park, which we see more movements in the park, we see in one of the images that part of the hotels we see that they have already finished the final details, we still see a type of basin with a construction in it, more constructions are already seen inside the park and also of the tunnels that are under the park

  2. Michael is online now themeparX Top Investigator
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    Another piece of concept art showing what is maybe the current design of the Cirque du Soleil theater:

    Source: Blooloop

  3. Michael is online now themeparX Top Investigator
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    Mar 2016
    Vidanta has added another piece of concept art to the VidantaWorld page of their website:

    You can compare this image to a slightly different design from the exact same angle at the top of this post:


  4. Michael is online now themeparX Top Investigator
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    Mar 2016
    This week Vidanta apparently sent a press release to some travel sites about VidantaWorld. The details are still unclear but here's some excerpts from the articles:

    The first phase to open will include a fire-lit plaza, shops, dining options, boardwalk, and lake show complete with animation, fountains, music, and live performers. Future openings include hotel accommodations, a water park, a nature park, and a new Cirque du Soleil zone.
    As originally planned, the theme park complex will include a theater for newly created Cirque du Soleil shows, which will debut during the first phase within a jungle park with a lake featuring fountain jets, music and performances; a plaza; shops; and a range of restaurants and such culinary options as street food carts.
    “Our guests have come to expect only the best from our brands, and their anticipation is high for the new entertainment parks,” said Ivan Chavez, executive vice president of Grupo Vidanta.

    “In preparation of VidantaWorld’s upcoming first phase, we’ve already unveiled the SkyDream, our state-of-the-art aerial gondola crafted by the expert engineers at Doppelmayr. And we’ve purchased top-of-the-line rides by leading international attraction companies Intamin and Aerophile, which will introduce vacationers from across the globe to the beauty and wonder that they can only experience in Mexico.”
    Concept art included in the press release includes the same image we've seen before but this time they re-added the Castle Mountain but put it further back:

    VidantaWorld also has created a YouTube channel so be on the lookout for videos:

    Sources: and and

  5. I agree with you. The rendering is very disappointing. One measly ferris wheel. They really need to get back to the original design complete with the castle in the mountain, all the rides, nice hotels, etc. What they are now showing is nothing special and a real bummer!

  6. Does this mean that the designs previously shown will no longer be made? That would be very sad because it was something incredible

  7. alfonso is offline Curious Chap
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    This park's a mess; I can't believe how long it takes them to build it, but it's not a surprise considering how every day they change something.

    Such a shame that it's going to end up being something that's not even special. I can see the newest concept art and plan being more real than the other ones, considering that they're already doing the edgy castle design on the buildings and it means less work for them.

  8. Michael is online now themeparX Top Investigator
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    Vidanta has finally replaced the vague and outdated "The Parks" page on their website with a still vague but new page about VidantaWorld (yes, they're formatting it as one word).

    All the Possibilities of the Impossible

    Over the last half century, we've been taught that theme parks are the pinnacle of family entertainment. But what if there was something bigger, better, and bolder waiting for you? A place that doesn't play by the rules of time or gravity, or even reality? What if you could take your vacation to the furthest reaches of your imagination? With VidantaWorld, you can.
    Instead of offering theme parks, VidantaWorld consists of three dream parks where anything is possible and nothing is what it seems. At the immersive dream park, you can explore ancient ruins or a mysterious and marvelous jungle. At the water dream park, you can dive into a thrilling oasis filled with the world's best water attractions. And at the nature dream park, you can explore a rainbow-colored world of wild enchantment. And the best part? The very first phase of VidantaWorld is coming soon!
    A new piece of concept art on the page shows a redesigned "boardwalk" area of the "Immersive Dream Park":

    Here's a comparison of the older concept art of that same area:

    This is the other piece of concept art that is shared, which may look familiar:

    This piece of concept art (both day and night version) has been shared multiple times before, here's a couple examples:

    Do you notice anything different between the new concept art and the two older examples? Yes, the "Castle Mountain" is missing. This could mean that A. The mountain is being redesigned and they have chosen not to share the new design, B. The mountain is cancelled, or C. The mountain is still planned but not until a later phase so they removed it from the concept art just for now.

    The removal of the mountain from the concept art is significant because it's supposed to be the theme park's "icon":

    My theory is that the newly shared "boardwalk" concept art is phase 1 and will be built relatively soon so VidantaWorld can be considered “open”. The circular building is the Cirque du Soleil theater so whatever deal that Vidanta has with Cirque du Soleil can be fulfilled sooner than later. I think this phase 1 boardwalk area will have no admission so it’ll be free. Because the SkyDream gondola already has a station there in operation it makes sense for at least something to open there as soon as possible. I think that everything else will be a future phase which may or may not get built.


  9. Michael is online now themeparX Top Investigator
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    The official Vidanta World website has been updated with new details and it seems there may have been another partial rebrand...

    There’s a place where imagination has no limitations and the impossible is plausible. Vidanta is rewriting the future of entertainment to bring you an inspired universe unlike anything ever before seen. Introducing VidantaWorld, located in Vallarta, Mexico. Get ready to dream big and vacation bigger.
    It's inconsistent but Vidanta World may now be written as one word, VidantaWorld, just like SeaWorld. Also, VidantaWorld might be replacing "The Parks" as the all encompassing name.

    Instead of traditional theme parks, VidantaWorld offers three groundbreaking dream parks.
    Instead of the theme park itself being called Vidanta World, it is currently referred to as "Immersive Dream Park" and is described as "An imagination-fueled realm of the unreal". Next the website shows the second gate which is referred to as "Water Dream Park" and is described as "The World's Most Exciting Aquatic Experience". Lastly the website shows "Nature Dream Park" which is described as "A magnificent celebration of the outdoors".

    Immersive Dream Park:

    Water Dream Park:

    Nature Dream Park:

    The website doesn't let you click on each of the three parks yet but the Spanish version of the website has nonfunctional "Learn More" buttons there already which probably means that more information will be available on the website soon.


  10. Theme Park Design is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Cirque du Soleil Set Design: Mexico Theme Park Concept Art by Legacy Entertainment

    During the early development phases of Vidanta World, one concept explored was that of a nighttime-only theme park. This approach was driven by the lack of nighttime experiences available in the Puerto Vallarta market. In addition to highly-immersive shopping and dining experiences, this 'Village of the Moon' would have also been home to rides and Cirque du Soleil immersive theater experiences.

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