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Local Name:
Vidanta World
Former Name(s):
Celebrate Project, The Park
12 Nov 2014
Construction Start:
Sep 2015
47 ha

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    The Vidanta SkyDream gondola system, which will connect to Vidanta World, is coming along nicely:

    Sources: and

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    Zoomed out photo of the layout of Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta - within Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta is The Parks - within The Parks is Vidanta World:

    Labeled renderings of Vidanta World and surrounding areas:

    Aimfair recently made a great post with the approximate layout of The Vidanta SkyDream aerial gondola system from Doppelmayr and photos of the stations under construction:

    Lastly two videos of The Parks/Vidanta World:

    Sources: and and and

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    According to a new online post, The Parks is divided into three phases, with the first (Vidanta World) opening in 2023, the second in 2024 and the last in 2025. The estimated cost for the project is more than $3.5 billion.

    Sources: and

  6. The last two photos are from the past designt from Legacy that there is no more for the park. The one that has the kingdom of the moon hotel and entrace.

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    Excellent new photos of displays viewable to guests at Vidanta's resort in Nuevo Vallarta:

    Construction photos:

    Sources: and and

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    It seems that construction has begun on the Doppelmayr gondola system, as seen in this photo taken earlier this month that appears to show a gondola station:

    Based on design portfolios shared by people involved in the Vidanta theme park project we're able to gain insight into the potential plans:

    First, in terms of naming/branding, as of right now the plan seems to be naming the entire 830 acre theme park resort destination "The Parks" - this is akin to Disney naming their resort in Orlando as a whole "Walt Disney World Resort" and Universal naming their resort in Orlando as a whole "Universal Orlando Resort". The first theme park to be built at The Parks as part of phase 1, will apparently be named "Vidanta World" - Vidanta World was originally the Cirque du Soleil theme park. I believe Vidanta World also encompasses the under construction hotels including The Cascades and Kingdom of the Sun.

    Let's take a look at some of this potential Vidanta World branding:

    Now some potential branding for The Parks, which would be the overarching resort destination (most of what is referred to about The Parks is about the first phase - Vidanta World):

    Notice the layout shown in this image - to the southeast of Vidanta World is a large waterpark which would be a part of a later phase of The Parks, also what is the black line going around that area? A monorail path?

    Regarding Cirque du Soleil's current involvement or lack thereof, it appears that it has gone from the entire theme park and waterpark revolving around and being themed to Cirque du Soleil to just a dedicated area/land/section within Vidanta World being themed to Cirque du Soleil:

    More information is announced regarding the land animated by Cirque du Soleil. This new area will boast a dinner theatrical experience that will be even more spectacular than the incredibly popular JOYÁ with three times the acts and even more seating.

    It’s also announced that the Cirque land will include the world’s first Cirque du Soleil Academy, where guests can learn about everything from tumbling and performing from the experts at Cirque.

    Every aspect of the Cirque section will be filled with acrobatics and performances leaping to life around every corner. This will be the first time Cirque has staged constant exterior acts.
    Here's concept art for a preview center for The Parks:

    Interesting lines from the preview center's timeline:

    January 2017:

    Not satisfied with the current scale of the project [this is when it was the full scale Cirque-themed theme park and waterpark], the executive team discusses how to further evolve the design. Believing in the strength of the tourism market in Mexico, it is decided to draft a new Phase 1 of The Park.

    What was first designed as a 22-acre experience park is expanded into what will ultimately be 830 acres of groundbreaking entertainment.
    April 2017:

    Wing T. Chao, the industry veteran that expanded the imprint of Disney Parks, joins the team designing The Park. Other leaders from major international parks also flock to the project, eager to make history.
    May 2017:

    Continuing in its iconoclastic approach to designing the project, the team decides to take a nature-first philosophy to The Park. The new plans are revised to include blooming gardens, jungle thickets, mountains, waterfalls, and two enormous lakes at the very center. Digging begins on the lakes.

    Construction is completed on the base structure of Kingdom of the Sun Tower 1.
    July 2017:

    After months of planning, Grupo Vidanta announces that The Park won’t just be a single experience park. It will be a series of immersive experiences and attractions that will span multiple “lands”, each featuring unique themes. The working name of the project is changed from The Park to The Parks.

    Some of the areas to open in Phase 1 of The Parks are:
    - A frontier-themed land
    - A children’s ride land
    - An adventure land
    - Magical gardens
    - Lush temple ruins
    - A beautiful boardwalk area
    - A Cirque du Soleil land

    It is announced that The Parks will include a focus on gourmet dining. Unlike any other popular theme parks. The Park will offer exceptional culinary experiences, from restaurants to street stalls.
    August 2017:

    It’s announced that Phase 1 of The Parks [Vidanta World] will be inspired by the world’s beauty. From architecture to cuisine to landscaping, the experience will draw from some of the globe’s most beautiful locales in the South Pacific, Mediterranean, and South America.
    January 2018:

    Design begins on … rides and features for The Parks:
    - An Illuminated Forest
    - Spectacular Water Shows
    - Air Acrobatics Performances
    - A Parachute Drop
    - A Flume Ride
    - A Ferris Wheel
    - A Carousel
    - A Topiary Maze
    - Storybook Boat & Train Rides
    - Roller Coasters
    And Much More
    Lastly, here's an ad for The Parks in the latest issue of The Vidanta Traveler magazine, which was published earlier this month:

    Sources: and and and and and

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