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Universal Studios Singapore
03 Apr 2019
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26 May 2022
  1. Should be in the latest concept art of Minion Land, however it’s just like the Pterodactyl Flyer thing in the Jurassic Park area, but custom made to be Minion-themed, sort of like a hot air balloon ride made for children that goes around in circles.

  2. What's the original ride exclusive for USS?

  3. What does Minion Land look like now?

  4. During USS VIP tour, the tour guide mentioned the Minion Land will be ready by the end of this year but not sure its soft open or officially open to public.

  5. I went today and on Enchanted Airways, you get a good view of the whole area. The structure for Gru's house seems pretty complete and the stores had their structures complete. The whole area is really coming to life and it fills up a good area of the Madagascar area but I feel like the show building is not being used (much) so there's extra space.

  6. I was at the park yesterday, you can clearly see Gru’s house and the rather unsightly show building for Minion Mayhem. I was very surprised that this attraction is so far to the right hand side of the land towards far far away, I had assumed it would be taking the place of the Madagascar boat ride show building, I guess that huge plot is for SNW.

  7. Genting SG's Board of Directors is pleased to announce that it has approved a total investment of around S$6.8 billion (US$5b) to be invested over the next eight years. Hope some of portion of this new add-on S$2.3b will be invested on USS's future expansion. Also Minion Land is progressing well and is expected to soft open in early 2025.

  8. Amazing how cleverly they using the space here.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    USH's is actually slightly bigger. Based on measurements from Google Earth, the non-Mariokart portion of USH Nintendo World is about 5500 m^2, while the non-Mariokart portion of the future USS Nintendo World is about 4800 m^2.
    Only 1 Mario kart ride will be a waste and sad case for USS's SNW. There's rumored for USH will be getting DK expansion if they decide to relocate those soundstages there; but for USS wise seems like a "death penalty" forever.

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