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Universal Studios Singapore
03 Apr 2019
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26 May 2022

  1. Predicted part of golf course will be taking for RWS2.0/USS from masterplan.

  2. If RWS/USS has planning to take over the golf course for future expansion/SNW or even RWS future attractions, is it they have to wait till 2031? Attached image has shown the lease of Serapong golf course only will be expired on end of 2030 thats mean we will only see the SNW around 2031 or 2032 lol

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    RWS 2.0 which includes SNW will take a lot before details are released - the plan has USS taking over some of the golf course and the rest of the golf course being used for other RWS development. SNW will move forward; But the scale will depend on RWS2.0 approvals.

  4. This source seemed like already out of date for quite long lol. No any trustable source is conforming whats SNW status and information now, either cancel, pause or replan(location?)

  5. Here's an aerial to compare the scope of the project. The old Madagascar ride show building is gone.

  6. Super Nintendo World is still coming to Universal Studios Singapore! Minion Land is part of the first phase of expansions at RWS and Super Nintendo World is probably going to be part of phase 2 of the RWS 2.0 expansion. Phase 1 one will cost $400 mil out of the $4.5 billion mega expansion. What we know for sure is the Super Nintendo World will not be completed in 2025 but rather in 2026 or 2027 and will probably begin construction after phase 1 is completed at the end of 2024.

    For more information:

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    Are they reusing the Madagascar boat ride show building for the Minion Ride or is it a new one?
    As shown in a previous photo provided by RWS, the exclusive new Minion ride will be in a building beside the old King Julien carousel, and the old Madagascar boat ride will be for Super Nintendo World (if RWS is still not planning to axe this plan at the moment). This is all the information we know and they did not provide any info regarding SNW so far lol..

  8. Are they reusing the Madagascar boat ride show building for the Minion Ride or is it a new one?

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