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Universal Studios Singapore
03 Apr 2019
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26 May 2022
  1. When you say the 'boat ride', do you mean the Madagascar ride?

  2. The Minions land is being scaled back or cut entirely, and the simulator ride is now going into the existing live entertainment theater at the front of the park, downsized to a single simulator theater and preshow. This project was supposed to be started by now, but it's gone back to the design phase to make it fit. Nintendo has been put on hold, but it will go where the boat ride is currently. A new parade, an unnanounced Sesame Street interactive playground, and a The Fast and The Furious theme restaurant experience is slated for the New York section of the park, but it also on hold.

  3. I thought it was going in the Madagascar section?

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    I can't see Nintendo World or any other major expansion fitting anywhere in the first place:

  5. Having spoken to people who know the site well the site this isn't currently under construction. It was announced that they would get similar expansions to other parks worldwide but nothing has begun work.

    Those parks are struggling financially anyway and clearly the epidemic will have an affect so I doubt we will see this move for a long time.

  6. Is this truly on hold now?

    Singapore is one the last countries in the world to keep their theme parks open among the coronavirus pandemic.

  7. kxn
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    Hey guys, it seems like Super Nintendo World would be in the Madagascar Area as well!

    You could refer to this for reference/source:

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    The expansion of Universal Studios Singapore will unveil two new, highly themed and immersive environments based on hugely popular entertainment concepts – Minion Park and Super Nintendo World. These new and expansive areas will feature all-audience and family-friendly attractions as well as themed shops and restaurants.
    Minion Park will replace the park's existing "Madagascar" area and no confirmation on Super Nintendo World's location.


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    Universal Studios Singapore expansion

    Status: Announced

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