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12 Apr 2012
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  1. It is not fair to speculate that any given Russian real estate company has a mafia past. Contrary to the picture some UK/US newspapers and politicians paint, Russia is a completely normal country. I say this with confidence since I have lived in Russia but I'm not Russian myself. I am sure Comcast/NBCUniversal have done sufficient research into the past of their Russian partner. It is going to be a great amusement park and I applaud both parties for taking the decision to get it going!

  2. Try googling BIN Group of Mikhail Gutseriev or Said Gutseriev. Rusincom belongs to BIN Group. These guys are major real estate developers in Moscow and across Russia. Some say it's mafia or ex-mafia but who in Russian real estate isn't?

  3. That's awesome news. I hope we're going to hear more soon!

  4. Well, according to Russian news sources this project passed city planning commission this week.

    Russian source:

  5. As an industry insider I bet this one is going to happen. Universal Studios Dubai for sure not, Universal Studios Korea doubtful...

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    Well this will be Universal's first park in Europe if completed. They cancelled their Germany location

  7. I wondered what kind of partner that is Universal will build the Moscow theme park with.

    Googled ZAO Rusincom, as mentioned on the NBCUniversal website, and got only three hits (Universal, this site, Europaproperty)

    Managed to get the proper Russian letters for it: ЗАО Русинком

    Again Google, this time 46,500 results:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&cad=b

    Tried to find an official website in search for more Universal material, but no luck. Lots of useless sites., (don't think so) (forwards to another URL, then crashes)

    Anyone with any background information about this company?

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    Yeah baby!

  9. Universal Studios Moscow logo:

  10. Found on the site of BDI, the consultant behind the Galactica Park project:

    Award-winning BDI member SCG London, the international strategic consulting group with offices in India and Turkey, has created a major destination brand concept in Moscow for long-term client ZAO Rusincom, a Russian development company. Galactica Park will include Russia’s first destination-based theme park complex, a world-class sports and entertainment arena, hotels, mixed-use retail and a business centre.

    SCG London has created the Galactica Park name, brand strategy, vision and identity concept. The memorable name reflects the ambition of the destination concept and conveys the inspiration of the brand idea – a constellation of different stars or universes coming together. Galactica Park communicates the scale and diversity of the development in combining the worlds of entertainment, sports, hospitality, shopping and business into one extraordinary place.

    The brand identity design concept is iconic and immediately recognisable. A swirling, energetic spiral, it creates a dynamic symbol for the ‘galactic universe’ idea.

    “The brand identity has been designed with the potential to evolve over the course of the project development,” said John Mellor, SCG London creative director. “It is an important first step in crystallising the brand vision in a graphic symbol. As the context of the development expands, we will ensure that the identity applications reflect the multi-dimensional nature of the project.”
    This powerful symbol informs the architecture and general masterplan of the development. The landmark complex design follows the organic ‘galaxy’ shape of the brand identity, delivering the ultimate brand statement: a universe of opportunities for shopping, dining, working, unique themed attractions, live shows and world-class exhibitions.

    The Galactica Park development will include Universal Studios Moscow (the first indoor theme park in the world), a 20,000-seat sports and entertainment arena in partnership with AEG, a 120,000m2 shopping centre, two hotels with 1,100 rooms capacity and commercial business space.

    “A key objective for us will be to integrate the many powerful brands involved in the project into a totally exceptional, one-of–a kind Galactica Park experience, said Clive Woodger, chairman of SCG London. “This will involve a variety of challenges including coordinated communications and promotion, and flexible identity design to accommodate new media and technology.

    “A further challenge will be to develop an effective wayfinding design strategy that makes navigation both easy and pleasurable, enhancing the brand experience on human scale for all visitors and users.”

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