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12 Apr 2012
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  1. Of course. But this building complex does not include only the theme park. There're many of unrelated to it structures. Office buildings, hotels, etc. I am from Moscow, by the way. And they did say on the news that construction of the park itself is going to start in 2014, that's why I'm asking.

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  3. The concrete location has been announced with the initial presentation, scroll down and look at the older pages...

  4. I've heard that construction of the theme park itself is going to start in 2014. How do you know if these buildings are part of it?

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    Just returned from Moscow. Update next month!

    Here's the Rusincom/Galaxy Park/Universal Studios Moscow office:

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    Hey everyone!

    I saw this from last year and here it is. You know they was to be a Universal Studios in Essex, United Kingdom back in the 1990's. It was going to start
    construction in 1991 and the park was supposed to open in 1994, but it got cancelled because animals were living there.

  8. Universal Studios' Moscow partner: Very interesting:

    Claimed businessman building a theme park "Galaxy Park" with the Hollywood brand Universal - the first with the pre-crisis era project of this magnitude with maturity investments - 2.8 billion. - In a quarter century. interviewed players and analysts about how real plans for the developer and what are the risks of the project in the weekly results

    Perhaps, the family-Gutseriev Shishkhanov can afford it. In fact, after the resignation of the mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, and what happened as a result of redistribution of the market, it has received new assets of 1.8 billion. - (See details here ). At a press conference in "National" Sait-Salam Gutseriyev presented a new project. Park project "Galaxy Park", which was planned with partners from The Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), Universal Studio, SCG London. JSC "Rusinkom" will build. Under it selected area on the Warsaw highway, 170. Total investment - $ 2.8 billion implementation period 2014 - 2018.
    At 22 hectares will be built 150 thousand square meters park Universal Studios Moscow, water park Universal (20 sq m), a shopping center Universal Sity Walk (about 100 sq m), concert and sports arena (in 20 thousand spectators), exhibition and conference halls (20 sq m), four office buildings (120 sq. m.), hotels (80 sq m), winter garden (30 thousand square meters. m), musical theater (4 thousand seats), public catering area (10 sq m), underground parking enforcer for 10 thousand cars. Total - 700 sq m

    Why not Disneyland?
    Mr. Gutseriev said that he negotiated the creation of a Disneyland theme park, but eventually settled on AEG and Universal Studio . Disneyland is aimed at children, Universal - at all. This will be the fifth in the world after the park Universal Orlando (Florida), Hollywood, Singapore and Japan. In Orlando, for example, the park is divided on the subject of various cities in the U.S., there are built models most famous buildings and hotels, which have been a place for the most famous movie scenes. "In these halls visitors can not only watch movies, but also to become parties cinema event", - said Michael Silver, president of Universal Studio Parks & Resorts.

    Indeed, we are told visitors to the park, while watching the movie Shrek "legs you crawling spiders, sneezing ass splash drops" saliva ", you race on the chairs along with Shrek, the coach is wagging from side to side, and the like." In Moscow, will be something like this, but with the difference that all the pavilions will be covered. But the details of the authors of the project has not yet protrude.

  9. Earlier, is was reported that a plot of 22 hectares in the area was to be used by the Bin group of companies for theme park construction, and Universal Studios was to be in charge of the project’s management when it starts operating. A representative of Moskomstoiinvest, the city’s committee for investment in development projects, confirmed that the city’s commission for urban planning and land had approved the construction of a hotel and business complex on Varshavskoye Shosse, Vedomosti reported.

    The Universal Studios park is to take some 150,000 square meters, according to the publication, and Michael Silver, president of global business development for Universal Parks & Resorts, earlier confirmed the company’s readiness to take over.

    For Universal, the project is to become its fifth theme park, and its first installment in Europe. The whole $3-billion project planned for the area of 1.2 million square meters will also include a winter garden, an aqua park and a musical theater together with hotels, malls and a business center. Plans to build a giant theme park in Moscow have been voiced since the 1990s, but have always been stalled.

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