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22 May 2007
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  1. koreajoe is offline Curious Chap
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    May 2012
    Here's all the Universal Studios Korea artwork that's on the net today:

    Looks rather different on each draft.

    Source of the big photo is

  2. koreanderstand
    These Google translations from Korean to English are seriously bad. Anyone can tell what's precisely said in this article?

  3. JasielMdc92 is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Apr 2012
    Hey everyone! I found a new article about Universal Studios Korea, published today.
    Article link: (it's in Korean, English translation isn't very good)

    Universal Studios Korea Resort (USKR) project within the administration all central to pass the Loan Screening (at the Chosun Ilbo April 4 2) and the national infrastructure support at the length of the a month, planning and finance to support infrastructures finally decided to stay. The Finance Ministry Planning and Coordination, USKR the infrastructure in the construction cost of the government decided to support the government's joint business investment plan for a.

    The Measure to activate in Singapore Marina Bay sands and resort in the world Sentosa, large-scale theme park in Shanghai, China, and opening a park construction of USKR, such as the global theme park business is that the global trend, and USKR in the national fund support for attracting foreign investment, as well as domestic business of the construction company, investment should facilitate said.

    As a result, listed on the part until 2016, 5.157 trillion won will be invested, USKR infrastructure in some of the non-government fund, has decided to support.

    On the current Gyeonggi Province in the two-year 25 A won a 50 billion won for the government fund, and will form the exact amount and support about the way after reviewing additional government plans to support the.

    The measure to boost the indictment by the USKR business districts of his robe, you can specify area. The coat in the 7-year tax (five years and 100 percent, and two-year 50 percent) to be exempted from, and local tax exemption of 15 years.Babylon 9

    An official of the form of the "ramps and drainage facilities and infrastructure such as the construction project planning to support the government fund "USKR project in 2007, the government fund in Gyeonggi Province constantly asked for support, and project itself appears so Chinese Taipei government fund to support investment is judged that "he said.

    An official of the Gyeonggi Province "national fund plan is passed through the National Assembly should not yet to stage to row, but say hello to Loan Screening Process Central, which was passed in a month are settled by the National Fund support project is gaining momentum," he said.

  4. thethemeparkguy is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Feb 2012
    I believe the site still lies idle. Photos taken on my visit back in 2009:

  5. JasielMdc92 is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Apr 2012
    Here is an article that I found about Universal Studios Korea Resort. It's in Korean and it says that Universal will open in 2016!


    Translated from Korean:

    First Universal Studios, who visited the people into the scenes directly into the audience, with the hero and an amazing experience. For instance, film "E. T stars of the experience at home, and tall green fire to ring movie "The tower to put out the fire in a terrible unique experience of the situation. The current and past, and Future Time Machine and from the car invented "white of the future to the automobile, a breath-taking time travel can enjoy. Therefore, Universal Studios, as well as the children adults can enjoy the best resorts, it is spotlighted.

    Universal Studios a great popularity, Japanese made it into the Osaka, and Singapore last in 2010 to the east. The conclusion after the United States, Japan, the successful operation of many domestic and foreign tourists, and Singapore, and also the number admitted growing. The tourist, the vision and tourism development direction in the fifth round of the Gyeonggi Province regional Tourism Development Program (2012 ~ 2016 plans to the area, 22, and announced Universal Studios Korea resort to a newly announced as a tourist attraction.

    As well as the project in administrative all central to the Loan Screening passed the opening in 2016 that expect good news. Also according to an official from the project USKR planned feasibility study finance, which was passed in the March 30, all administrative, central to the loan passed the examination. As a result, the Universal Studios public facilities necessary for the government fund sex can receive support. The Universal Studios will about 2.9 trillion won of public facilities The government and Gyeonggi Province, Hwaseong-give guides, and the rest of the infrastructure, who carried out the business USKR PFV the construction of. The loan to review the passage to secure national fund is very likely become much stronger.

    Mars Universal Studios universal investigation into the United States this year (UPR) in the final contract for the construction of the year 2016, completed until the first half of the year that 12,500 directly, an official of the employment 11000 150000, including more than two to create jobs, saying, "The business expectations have not hidden their. In addition, 15 million people per year at home and abroad more than to attract tourists, such as the far-reaching effects on the national economy expected. As expected, it was the `golden egg business, if you can get it. However, this is expected impact of the actual issuance. Therefore, from now on the regional economy more help the ways to be a hope for.

  6. korealover is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2012
    Hello!! Here are photos of ORIGINAL presentation in 2007 (in Korean language):

  7. thenastytruth is offline Curious Chap
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    Apr 2012
    Looks like this one is going to breathe life. Though Universal Creative had serious issues in the last decade, they produced close to zero REAL innovations!! Their Universal Singapore park is a mess, Transformers is a tired brother of Spiderman, Jurassic Park Rapids incredibly inferior to the LA Jurassic ride that is 20 years older, Madagascar so boring and its animatronics so stiff that everyone looks away. Universal Osaka's Space Fantasy ride is totally uninspired and the Harry Potter ride in Orlando only works because it's all about Potter. Who wants to sit on a shaking, claustrophobic robot arm bench?

    What happened to the creative team that brought us Jaws, ET, the original Jurassic Park, the Mummy Ride and Spiderman in the 90s?? Did they all leave the company? Where are they now?

  8. insiderchuck is offline Newbie
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  9. admin is online now Administrator
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    Universal Studios Korea

    Status: announced

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