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Local Name:
Universal Studios Hollywood
Former Name(s):
Harry Potter Expansion
Construction Start:
2 ha
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  2. Guests at Universal Studios Hollywood got a surprise today as they were among the first to ride The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash ride. The queue looks incredible in its detail, and the ride seems to be one of the most technically impressive Universal has attempted. The animatronics look amazing.

    Full Queue POV:

    Full Ride POV:

  3. New Universal Studios Hollywood construction update looking at updates to Universal CityWalk, Super Nintendo World, Secret Life of Pets: Off The Leash (THE VEHICLES ARE TESTING!!) and more!

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    Beginning on April 16th--while complying with California's guidelines; Universal Studios Hollywood will be reopening officially! And futhermore, Secret Life of Pets: Off The Leash will be opening alongside the park!

    Additionally, an all new finale for Jurassic World: The Ride will be coming to the park!

    Spanning nearly 55 ft horizontally, 22 ft vertically, the Indominus’ imposing presence will be amplified by the fluidity of her motions and synchronized movements that deliver an unprecedented level of authenticity. From the subtle blinking of her eyes, the flexing of her arms & claws, and clenching of her jaw as she bears her razor-sharp teeth, the colossal I-Rex will lunge from her hillside setting, stalking guests before they descend the giant waterfall drop to escape her grasp.

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  6. Potential Nintendo store coming to Universal CityWalk in Hollywood:

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