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Local Name:
Universal Studios Hollywood
Former Name(s):
Harry Potter Expansion
Construction Start:
2 ha
  1. Potential Nintendo store coming to Universal CityWalk in Hollywood:

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    New drone video of the site. Very short but good to see over the site now you can't see much from outside.

  5. What has changed?

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    The Mystery project, is actually the new Visionary Campus announced right before COVID kind of hit for Hollywood--located on one of the planned Hotel sites that they originally had in mind for the Evolution Project.

    Word had pinned the project stalled as other things were on the priority, but it seems they're finally going to continue it. As for the lack of construction workers at the Super Nintendo World plot, it really more depends on the time of day and that a lot of the progress now will come within the interior's and around the outer rims. If it stalled, other sites would have people bringing that up.

  7. Less construction crew now? Also what's the mystery construction?

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