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    (1/17/14) A reader sent in a couple of new pictures from Universal Hollywood taken this week, showing off the huge Wizarding World construction site, where the Mummy tunnel used to be, as well as the site clearing for the new parking structure on the way. I’m told that the construction crews seem to be working long hours as well, starting as early as 7am and working on until the early evening with their lights.
    Found on ScreamScape:

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    More Universal Hollywood Harry Potter construction pics:

  3. No Diagon Alley.. this is based on the Japanese version they're building now.

  4. All that's left of Gibson is its memory. Future home of Harry Potter

  5. Anyone know if they plan to have a Diagon Alley in Hollywood too??

  6. After looking at the Gibson Amphitheater website we noticed that no events are listed past September 4th. No maze here, no shows at the Gibson, it is reasonable to assume that we could see Harry Potter construction begin in this location before the end of Horror Nights.

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