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    Disneyland Paris, the closest thing to a Universal Studios London-type of park, has 20% of its visitors coming from the UK. There is definitely a large demand coming from there, if they're able to attract a decent portion of the UK market plus some tourists and the parkfans to their location, it's not impossible for them to succeed.

    If we're talking strictly about weather, sunny UAE is struggling at the moment with its theme parks. Location is key

  2. Source please

  3. +1 on this request. Please name the source as London Resort Company Holdings are being very adamant in their public statements that they are going ahead with a resort and park design that uses multiple stakeholder IP rather than working with a single IP stakeholder.

  4. Are there any sources to prove that there are negotiations ongoing with NBC universal?

  5. If it's on themeparX I assume there are ongoing negotiations...

  6. Where is the source of that?

  7. London Resort Company Holdings, the former Paramount London licensees, are indeed in talks with NBC Universal about bringing a Universal Studios theme park to Kent in lieu of the cancelled Paramount project.

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    Universal Studios Great Britain

    Status: rumored

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