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    Whilst we still haven’t made any final decisions on whether or not to proceed with the project, we have spent the past several months undertaking feasibility and due diligence work as well as discussing the project with local and national stakeholders.

    We are now beginning a period of public engagement in connection with the planning proposal for this potential project.

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  3. Mayor Tom Wootton of Bedford Borough recently visited members of the Universal Destinations and Experiences team at their site in Kempston Hardwick.

    Tom said, “While they are still exploring the feasibility of bringing a potential theme park and resort experience here, it was great to meet with their team once again as they continue engaging with our local community. This project must work for local people. After my conversations with Universal and others, I believe it can provide jobs and exciting career and business opportunities for Bedford Borough residents for generations to come.

    “I understand it will still be some time before Universal makes a decision on whether to proceed with the potential project but it was exciting to see the site today.”

  4. Universal Destinations & Experiences is in the very early stages of exploring the possibility of a potential park and resort experience in Bedford, England. Whilst our parent company, Comcast Corporation, has purchased a parcel of land near Bedford, we are only at the beginning of our feasibility study as part of our evaluation of potential sites. It may well therefore be many months before we decide whether this potential project will proceed.

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