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  1. Locus is offline Newbie
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    Universal Studios is alive!

    Hang on a second, they announced this Mohammed Bin Rashid City a while ago, with a huge garden and a mall in collaboration with Universal Studios. It wasn't clearly mentioned if it was about a theme park, or just an entertainment center or some kind of branded experience. But now look at this:

    Source is

    This is the layout of MBRCity and there is clearly an open-air theme park on the left side, with a lake in the middle which MUST be Universal Studios. It's back!!

  2. Does that friend work for Dubailand?

  3. Wilumeaki is offline Newbie
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    No its not totally dead because my friend said that Dubailand had some financial issues and theyre trying to make things work so they can build it again

  4. Nope, not a theme park, that's a different location and there has been no official word that Universal's involvement with the mall/gardens project is to include a theme park. We'll have to wait and see!

  5. JasielMdc92 is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    I think it refers to the Universal Studios theme park

  6. What's a Universal Studios 'entertainment center' supposed to look like?

    Most recently, it outlined plans to build a brand new city. Named after its ruler, Mohammed bin Rashid, it is intended to house a hundred hotels and a Universal Studios entertainment center.

  7. research007 is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    TheNational Abu Dhabi even talks about a Universal Studios theme park:

    The project will also include the Mall of the World. It is anticipated the mall will have the capacity to handle 80 million visitors a year.

    It will also include a Universal Studios theme park.Originally, it was planned that a Universal Studios would be situated in the planned mega development, Dubailand. The project has been on hold and it is not clear whether the Mohammed Bin Rashid City will replace plans for Dubailand.

  8. research007 is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    ‘Mohammed Bin Rashid City’ will feature a massive park which will be 30 per cent bigger than Hyde Park in London. It will be surrounded by the largest mall in the world called ‘Mall of the World’, which will be capable of receiving 80 million visitors a year, and include over 100 hotel facilities to meet the requirement for accommodation.

    ‘Mall of the World’ will be connected to a family entertainment centre which will be developed in collaboration with Universal Studios International. This centre will be the largest in the region and is expected to attract 6 million visitors each year.

    "in collaboration with Universal Studios" - is this supposed to be another indoor theme park like the one proposed for Moscow?

  9. Dubai Explorer is offline Curious Chap
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    Looked up the location on Google Earth and found the site. This is certainly not a live project... it's totally dead, at least for now:

  10. look321 is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Did the Jurassic Park building planned for USD make it to Singapore's Gardens by the Bay that just opened?

    This is so funny! I have been to the Garden... and it does feel a bit jurassic!

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