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Local Name:
12 Feb 2009
Construction Start:
31 Oct 2016
20 Sep 2021
42 ha
Beijing Shouhuan Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Universal Destinations & Experiences
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    NBCUniversal Chief Executive Officer Steve Burke's statement from September 13, 2016 on Universal Studios Beijing's current status:

    We'll own 30 or 40 percent of the park. Our partners are on the same schedule to get the park open by 2020," Burke said. "We have full models and drawings. We know what attractions will be there. We've got complete agreement on sort of the way the structure of our arrangement's going to work…We have hundreds of people currently working on the project and look forward to getting it open in a few years.

  2. CarlySX is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    So hasn't changed too much but the google earth image has been updated and you can now see the bottom extent of the park

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    the designs for the universal studios subway station are out, 6 of them, many pics, for the public to inspect.

  5. I hear that construction is in full swing now. Does anyone have photos?

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    Also Google Earth just got updated so (ignoring the fact that the pictures are merged with an older image) we have a view of the size of the netting. See the flats/apartment blocks in the bottom left corner for scale. Those are the ones from the previous posted panorama.

    Interestingly there are numerous blocks of land in that area also covered green which are not connected directly to that area. Any ideas anyone?

    Source: Google Earth

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    Position for "General Counsel" was advertised this week... Not a huge amount of detail but interesting that they are hiring someone for legal at this stage rather than using an existing employee. I think that is a great sign that work will move quickly.

    The General Counsel of the Managed Components Branch reports to the General Manager and is responsible for leading the legal function and handling the general legal issues related to the operation of the Managed Components of Universal Beijing Resort (which include the theme park, parking areas, CityWalk, common areas and back of house areas).
    Responsibilities include negotiating, drafting and interpreting complex business contracts, third-party services agreements, managing issues relating to compliance, intellectual property, human resources and procurement matters.

  8. Anything on this?

  9. Universal Studios Beijing will feature Monkey King

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