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Local Name:
12 Feb 2009
Construction Start:
31 Oct 2016
20 Sep 2021
42 ha
Beijing Shouhuan Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Universal Destinations & Experiences
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    I didn't find a better pic, but I did what I can to recover the perspective of the pic.

    It fits another pic I found.

    This plan is totally different from the plan in these older pics. In the new(?) plan, the park lies in the north.

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    Some updates.

    These pics were taken just now near the yellow dot on the map. The green area is the park. The grayish area is the extended area of the park. This map may not be accurate, just a pic I got from the internet.

    These pics were taken facing east, towards the park area. You can see on the blue door frame thing that they are changing the course of the Empress Xiao river, probably according to the park design. I think you can see the river bed in the pic, it's wider than the old/current river -- more curvy. The green fabric is to reduce smog. You can see we have some smog today.

    These pics were taken facing west. There's some new demolition. I think there used to be some buildings several stories high, now they are gone exposing a factory behind them. By the way, the dog market should be somewhere in this direction (west). It's one among many demolitions and relocations, not just for the park. I think I mentioned in a previous post, the whole tongzhou district got upgraded into the 2nd center of Beijing and the industries that doesn't fit the new purpose (pollution, labor intensive etc) are all being relocated.

    There's not much in the pics because most of the area are enclosed with walls blocking the view now, and they are still doing groundwork.

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    So a bit of an odd story but it keeps cropping up in things I am looking at about Beijing.

    An official from the Tongzhou district publicity department announced that the dog market will be closed, said a Xinhua News Agency report earlier this week.
    The imminent closure of the dog market is to make room for the construction of Universal Studios Beijing, the fifth such Hollywood theme park in the world.
    Does anyone know the location of this dog market? I have been trying to get a feel for where the park building might start and the fact that these traders have been expecting the move for a while makes me think something is imminent with shutting these buildings down for demolition.

    According to a report by The Mirror earlier this month, Universal Studios Beijing is expected to draw 10 million visitors per year, and provide over 10,000 jobs. The Batong Subway Line and Subway Line 7 will be extended, and a new highway built to connect Beijing-Harbin highway and the Sixth Ring Road to facilitate travel to the area.
    I have been trying to locate landmarks that could be it but the description doesn't fit anything shown locally on Google Earth.

    Any local knowledge would be appreciated in identifying locations.


  4. Anything on this?

  5. I have a pic on this, will post it soon.

  6. Any construction updates?
    Nothing has happened since the groundbreaking ceremony. It's just been a few weeks. Be patient. Don't expect any cranes before maybe 2017.

  7. Any construction updates?

  8. Opening date moved from 2019 to 2020.

    Universal Parks & Resorts, a division of NBCUniversal which owns Universal Studios Hollywood, expects to open North China's first international theme park in Beijing by 2020.

    An official from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform told the Beijing Daily that construction of the US$8 billion Hollywood theme park started at the beginning of the month.

    Its first phase is expected to be completed by 2019 with the site opening to public the following year, said the official.

    With a 10 million-visitor target, the official said the park will have seven main sightseeing areas, including those based on the Jurassic Park and Despicable Me film franchises, making it a strong addition to the Chinese capital's already-impressive array of tourist and culture sites.

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    Who took the perfect pic?

    There must have been a photographer who took a picture of this from a straight angle. Anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
    Can we get a higher resolution and better angle of this?

  10. A few more pics showing preparations for the groundbreaking ceremony:


    And here's the photo report of a Chinese blogger who went on site just prior to that:


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