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Local Name:
12 Feb 2009
Construction Start:
31 Oct 2016
20 Sep 2021
42 ha
Beijing Shouhuan Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Universal Destinations & Experiences
  1. Creative is trying to keep it quiet. Expect a construction period similar to Singapore, except this time around they'll have more control over what happens in the rest of the resort.

  2. No truth ..then we have the official announcement from Beijing or central government, i believe the negotiation is on going. If not, it would have been release at IAAPA 2013...

  3. Seriously? Do you have any source for this?

  4. I'm hearing the project is a go, without a New York or Jurassic Park area. Despicable Me/Minions/Super Silly Fun Land and Potter should open with the park.

  5. Universal Studios Beijing is going ahead!

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    These reports have been published in March 2013:

    ...the concept of speculation after another 1.2 months, a Universal Studios project has been submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission, the message, it set off a round of speculation climax, due to the Universal Studios project high probability Tongzhou land revaluation will bring leading shares of Wuyi (000,797) soaring more than 20% in just a few days...
    ...stocks have also appeared more substantial rise in the short term is expected to the concept of Universal Studios will continue to be active again...
    ...the current view of the theme parks this year's investment plan is still in the 'project' stage, whether ultimately implemented yet to approval of relevant departments., however, before the media from Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission has learned that the Beijing Universal Studios theme park project is expected to get the approval of the State Council in the near future.

    According to Beijing, local media reported on March 15 (2013), Chen Yong, Deputy Secretary of Tongzhou District Investment Promotion Bureau, said the the Beijing Universal Studios theme park project reporting program has been submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission, subject to the State Council for approval, to be settled in the Tongzhou New Town Cultural Tourism Zone in the region located in the southwest of Tongzhou New Town, will form a world 'in Northeast Asia modern tourist destination'

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    Yes that is true... However, it is not clear whether Universal will find another city or cancel the plans to build a park in China

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    Renamed "Universal Studios Beijing" to "Universal Studios China" since the article quoted confirms the cancellation of the Beijing location:

  9. No word about Beijing or Tianjin --> no deal signed in China as of yet!

    More recently, Mr. Williams and UPR signed agreements with the Tatweer Dubai to develop Universal Studios Dubailand in Dubai, with Lotte Group and the Gyeonggi Provincial Government of South Korea to develop the Universal Studios Korea Resort near Seoul, and with ZAO Rusincom to develop Universal Studios Moscow in the Russian capital.

  10. From Chinese (Google Translate):

    Beijing Tongzhou Universal Studios, the project failed to obtain the approval of the State Council

    (Reporter Wang City) earlier this year rumored that Universal Studios will be located in Tongzhou and Tongzhou district party committee secretary Wang Yunfeng yesterday confirmed to the reporter, one of the United States failed to obtain the approval of the State Council, the original approval to the national key projects in Beijing Universal Studios project ran aground, Tongzhou District, intends to build the local Universal Studios, the current project work is demonstrated.

    Yesterday, Wang Yunfeng told reporters that Beijing is indeed declared "Universal Studios" project, but not by the State Council for approval by the State Council also raised an additional investment to build the program, namely, to build China's own Universal Studios, the current related The project validation is ongoing.

    Universal Studios, located in Beijing - Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission official said yesterday, not get the exact information, details of which can not be disclosed.

    20, this reporter went to the Universal Studios project site --- Empress Xiao River Basin to conduct field interviews. Tongzhou District, Liyuan Town, Planning Division Director Liu Wuhua interview, said the town also just heard about this project settled in rumors here, but they have never received the documents and notices, before listing the headquarters of the Working Group, suspension of the relevant aspects of the work.

    Interview, a person familiar told reporters before the Universal Studios project requisition the three towns of the land in Liyuan Town Zhangjiawan town,, Taiwan Town, Tongzhou District, the specific location in the three towns Cao Yuen Tsuen , gold high-rise village, Tian Fu Village, at the junction of the major groove force Zhuang, Empress Xiao River through them east flow to the project approval, this original corporate office buildings, residential buildings, plant, etc. will be used for demolition, this area and even the Tongzhou District will have a tremendous impact on.

    The source said yesterday that although the introduction of the Universal Studios project died, but still worth looking forward to build the Tongzhou District, the Dowager Empress Xiao River economic circle, after all, in terms of geographical location and transport and development prospects, this place has the advantage Once the entry of leading enterprises, is bound to lead the industry chain, but also can provide a lot of jobs for the local.

    May 2009, three months after the original announcement

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