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  1. They are going for a different approach, for sure. The purpose of the portal system is to allow guests to feel totally transported to an isolated but highly detailed world meant to be experienced all together. Doing ride-hopping around the park seems a bit discouraged since there is only one exit and entry between each land rather than all the lands blending with each other. Im looking forward to really digging into the immersion each land offers and spending time with each one.

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  3. I see EU as a gorgeous theater lobby (Celestial Park) with bars, restaurants, shops, shows, and attractions to keep you entertained and vibing in-between your showing of each of it's 4 'movies'.

    Once you enter a portal, you are in a 'show', a unique, immersive experience created by the whole. 'Rides', as we've come to know them, are just a part of the total experience.

    As with the Wizarding World, there may be only 1 'ride' but you are entering a magical quarter in 1920's Paris. The adventure starts when you enter and continues till you leave. The 'ride', which itself uses multiple modalities, combines with themed experiences, shows, shops, restaurants and more to create an entire world, something beyond what we knew of as a 'land' previously.

    Seeing it that way, I've stopped counting attractions and cannot wait to enjoy my time in the lobby and savoring the 4 incredible shows that await me. It seems each will require 2 to 4 hours at a minimum to experience properly on top of the offerings of Celestial Park.

    In addition, I cannot wait for the reveal of the 5th portal in time.

  4. Super Nintendo World has 3 rides (4 and mini-attractions if you count what you can do with power-up bands). Celestial Park has at least 3 attractions: 2 rides, a splash pad, and a fountain show. And these are only the things which we know about...

  5. Wizarding World has two attractions. The big ride and a show. It was initially meant to have two rides, but one was canceled before construction went vertical (you can still see the entrance in aerial photos).

  6. This is literally the only land with that many attractions. The rest have two or (in the case of WWOHP) just one.

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    Gaby Kemberling, Facility Design Manager, standing in How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk:


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    My initial impression of the lands was that they seemed quite small with only a few attractions. How wrong was I? It feels like you could spend four or five hours in this land alone. Comcast should buy Disney and bring the parks to this level.

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