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  1. Said to be targeting Summer 2025 in today's investor call:

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  3. Fun podcast from Alicia Stella at Theme Park Stop covering Epic Universe (aka 'Mega Project').

    Topics covered:

    - Permits for Monsters, Super Nintendo World and Wizarding World
    - Possible ride systems for the Ministry of Magic elevator ride
    - Patents for the interesting carousel in the central hub area
    - Possible ideas for what appears to be the Mack racing coaster

    They also talk about the Minions attraction in Universal Studios.

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  5. Another amazing video update from Alicia Stella covering the aerials from Bioreconstruct where you can clearly see Nintendo World, the fountain and How to Train Your Dragons taking shape, recently filed permits and what could be another mini land being built onto the expansion plot next to Super Nintendo World.

  6. In this picture from Bioreconstruct, you can see a dug out area in the centre of the park with a fairly defined outline. It seems to either be the middle part of the central lake or the building that’s next to it.

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    Alicia Stella doing the hard work as always!

    As part of this story, a new version of the Epic Universe speculation map has been created! Possible Creature from the Black Lagoon expansion added (as people ask what phase 2 is rumored to be) and Wizarding World VR removed (as it's possibly moving to Universal Studios Florida).

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