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  1. Epic Universe has been announced to be continuing construction: Effective immediately.

    ORLANDO, Fla. (March 3, 2021) – Work is resuming on Universal Orlando Resort’s Epic Universe – the widely anticipated theme park that will create an entirely new level of theme park entertainment.

    Work on Epic Universe paused in July 2020, as the company adjusted plans in the midst of the pandemic. The restart will begin immediately – but is expected to take several months before reaching full-speed as Universal re-staffs for the project and reassembles its vendor and contractor teams.

    Restarting Epic Universe will result in hundreds of jobs within Universal and thousands of jobs across Central Florida. These positions include highly skilled professional positions, all levels of construction jobs and beyond.

    The Epic Universe project will infuse billions of dollars into the Florida economy – and also create more than 14,000 permanent jobs in addition to the thousands of jobs that will be created during its development.

    “The restart of construction of Epic Universe is a terrific moment for our employees and for our theme park business in Florida,” said Brian L. Roberts, Chairman and CEO of Comcast Corporation. “It is our single-largest investment in the state and represents our enthusiasm for the spectacular park and the economic opportunities it will generate.”

    “We are excited to begin work on Epic Universe again and for what this moment means for our industry, our community, our business and our team members,” said Tom Williams, Chairman and CEO for Universal Parks & Resorts. “Our confidence in our collective future is as strong as ever.”

    “The resumption of the Epic Universe project couldn’t come at a better time,” said Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings. “Our community has so many talented workers who will benefit from this massive project. I am confident it will deliver a huge economic boost to Orange County.”

    Epic Universe will feature a new theme park, an entertainment center, hotels, shops, restaurants and more. It will be located on a 750-acre site that nearly doubles Universal’s total available acreage in Central Florida. It will be located a few miles from Universal Orlando’s current theme parks in Southwest Orange County – specifically, south of Sand Lake Road and east of Universal Boulevard.

    “Our vision for Epic Universe is historic,” Mr. Williams said at the time the project was announced. “It will build on everything we have done and become the most immersive and innovative theme park we have ever created.”

  2. I heard that work has started on the Kirkman Extension that is connected to the new theme park. So is that a sign that contruction is resuming?

  3. You are absolutely right about the attendance declining and spending going up. That is absolutely Disney's plan. This however is not the case for Universal. Disney has a much more comprehensive suite of parks to go to. You can easily stay at Disney for a whole week and go to a different park each day. With Universal, there are only three, so it's more like a weekend destination. Because of that fact, it is imperative for them to come up with another park. They need it to become a week long destination, not a weekend.

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    Import records show that a ride manufactured by Sansei Technologies in Japan has been imported to Universal in Orlando. The vague descriptions label the imports as "track column" and "track rail" so the exact ride is not specified. I assume this ride is for Universal's Epic Universe but it could potentially be for Universal Studios or Universal's Islands of Adventure. The imports have taken place as recently as January 8, 2021.

    Sources: and

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    With this project indefinitely postponed I believe it would be wise for Universal to take a step back and revise the whole project. I know that the idea of getting another theme park is nice, but is it worth it in the long run? The trend in the travel industry is to not get more visitors, but visitors that spend more. Just look at the Disney-parks; theme park attendance has decreased these last years, but revenue has gone up. And if it's something this pandemic has taught us, it's that those businesses relying on a large number of guests are more vulnerable than those having a much more effective organization getting more money per guest. Fewer guests means fewer employees needed.

    IMO I believe Universal should just move some of the concepts into the existing parks. In Universal Studios park the KidZone is way overdue and ready for a change. Also there's a big chunk of backstage land between The Simpsons ride and MiB. Also speaking of the Simpsons; how attractive is it for Universal to keep paying Disney for that brand?

    Over at Islands of Adventure there has been rumors for a long time about the future of Toon Lagoon. How great wouldn't this spot be for the Train your Dragon-area? They could even keep the rafts and re-theme it. And again you have a Disney-brand right next to it, probably also seeing an uncertain future.

    These are all just thoughts, but it will be interesting to see how the Epic Universe will go on in the future. Is there really a need for a whole new theme park, infrastructure and all? Or is it perhaps enough for Universal to just update the existing parks and hike up the price?

  7. High level concept for Universal Creative Orlando

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    Permits for individual buildings at Epic Universe have continued to be posted over the last several months. Plan review comments for Donkey Kong's show building (B1315) were recently added to its permit from last month. (Fees have not been paid though, except for temporary work.)


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