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30 Oct 2014
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17 May 2016
06 Jun 2024
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  1. New Toy Story Hotel coming in 2021 - 600 rooms across 11 floors, a restaurant, and a Disney shop

    Located between Hilton Tokyo Bay and Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay

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    The one noteworthy, and exciting, development here is that two spires are rising atop the front of this show building to form the unmistakable form of a castle. We’re actually slightly surprised that Beast’s Castle is being erected this early into construction, but perhaps Disney or OLC are considering that free marketing?

    Everyone walking through Tomorrowland can see the beginnings of that castle rising above the construction walls, and once it takes a more fully-formed shape, it’s going to start garnering more attention. Seeing Beast’s Castle is a pretty effective way to convince guests to plan return visits!


  3. I do not believe OLC is interested in interconnecting the parks. Its too much of a guest flow nightmare and they really actively discourage park hopping with their ticketing structure. Beyond that it is actually quite a long walk up the entire length of the new beauty and the beast show building and toon town.

    On the other hand there will definitely be an alternative entrance for hotel guests. Probably just limited to hotel guests. What's particularly interesting about that is there could be a convincing reason to actually leave the park and take the monorail if you want to rapidly get to the front of the park.

    I now think there is a little artistic license in the concept art and there won't be such a huge amount of headspace for Tangled. I actually think it probably falls behind the Arrendale castle - but for artistic reasons it made sense to shift it over a bit so we could 'see' it all.

    I think given all of this and the plot they have for Pan we have more evidence that they are reusing the flight of passage tech for pan whereas Frozen will get one mega single floored facility (?Shanghai's Pirates type size).

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    The idea of connecting the two "Fantasyland" via the Frozen mountain would be amazing.
    However, I'm a little doubtful, as Tokyo has a very large crowds, and I think that's why they generally don't allow park hopping (or as of day 3 in your stay). For a very large premium though, maybe they would be tempted to offer that.

    The footprint of the expansion is massive. I reckon the next move is around Rivers of America, once all parkings will be built on...

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    Picture of DisneySea Expansion showing hotel footings.

    Recent Pictures taken from top of Hilton.

    Think this view is very interesting as if you look at the art work produced it would seem to me that the new hotel is what we are seeing footings going in here for. This would make sense, to have the new hotel attached to the bayside Monorail Station. This then gives us a clear view of the direction of the art work.
    It looks like the volcano’s at the back of Peter Pan will actually hide the back of Indiana show buildings.
    Another interesting thing to me would be the paths, almost suggesting a walk through from the new Disneyland Beauty & Beast section?

    Some interesting questions - Will there be a new park entrance at Bayside for hotel guests or even public?
    Could you combine the 2 parks into one massive park? (Or have a way through) It’s already going to be a long walk from the current entrance of DisneySea to the end of this new extension. I just wonder if Tokyo would look to take some limelight back from Beijing and also make the logistics of the park easier? Maybe with the new digital tickets coming in, there could be a higher price to have a combined ticket, but you could walk through?

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