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Local Name:
30 Oct 2014
Construction Start:
17 May 2016
19 ha
Oriental Land
Oriental Land
Ride Suppliers:
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    Minnie`s Style Studio

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    Does anyone actually know the height of the B&TB Castle?

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    Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast



  4. Finally a top quality Beauty and the Beast POV ride video:

  5. Does anyone actually know the height of the B&TB Castle?

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    Hello everyone. This is I.R.. I am a TDL and DS annual passholder.
    An interesting fact about your chances of getting on the BatB Attraction

    Last Monday, when the preview of the new Tokyo Disneyland rides took place, I made a poll on Twitter to see by myself what were the chances on getting on the Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast attraction now that everyone has to go through a lottery (a.k.a. Entry Request). And today, a friend of mine did the same, so we compared the results, which I would like to post.

    Please note the following factors:
    -The park allows guests to get in at 9 am, 11 am and 2 pm.
    -2 pm is the time of the day when lucky passholders can access the park.
    -Around 6000 people participated in these polls, which makes these results reliable to some extent.

    "OK" = elected to ride
    "NG" = entry denied

    Sept 21 Poll Results:...............................Sept 28 (Opening Day) Poll Results:
    9 am - 28% OK ; 72% NG.......................9 am - 29% OK ; 71% NG
    11 am - 21% OK ; 79% NG.....................11 am - 24% OK ; 76% NG
    2 pm - 17% OK ; 83% NG.......................2 pm - 21% OK ; 79% NG

    Now that the cold numbers have been shared, allow me to say that I am very opposed to the way OLC is handling this situation. People are leaving the park after finding out that they failed at getting an entry pass. Please take a look at some screen shots that I took from a video that was uploaded today. A couple of vehicles are empty, with others containing only a couple of guests. I believe OLC is not letting annual passholder to access the park from the morning, forcing some people to buy tickets. And if they fail, there is a chance that they might buy tickets for another date and try their luck again. I hope that everyone gets to experience this ride soon, including myself. And I also hope this post brings some light into what is happening.

    First poll

    Second poll

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    Tokyo Disneyland's expansion is now officially open!

    Oriental Land Co.'s CEO Toshio Kagami and COO Kyoichiro Uenishi have been seen walking around the expansion all morning:

    A couple videos of Minnie Mouse at the newly opened Minnie's Style Studio: and

    New Fantasyland-branded merchandise (note the date):

    Lastly, here's the expansion on the Tokyo Disneyland park map:

    Sources: and and and and and and

  8. So in other words, you haven’t been on the ride. You can’t have an opinion then.

  9. I agree with most people the whole concept I think is underwhelming I love the be our guest scene just the other scenes are too long! I also think it isn’t that immersive although I haven’t experienced yet so overall I am dissapointed

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