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  2. Beauty and the Beast Ride

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    Some news sources have been reporting that a new park is planned for TDR and will open in 2025

    While these sources seem quite sure about the news ("Disney and its partners in the Oriental Land Company have revealed plans for an all-new Japanese theme park..."), I'm taking it with more of a pinch of salt. It is based on a news story from Japan's Mainichi News, while there has been no official announcement or press release from Disney themselves, as far as I can tell.

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    It is being reported that there are even more expansion plans for Tokyo Disney Resort on top of the current ones that we know about.

    Kyodo News is reporting that the Oriental Land Company, the operator of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, is planning to spend roughly 300 billion yen ($2.7 billion) to expand the two existing theme parks, sources with knowledge of the matter said Wednesday. The company plans to start constructing the new areas that will expand the existing parks by 30% by 2025, one of the sources said.
    To free up space, a parking lot adjacent to the parks within the sprawling Tokyo Disney Resort complex in Urayasu just outside of the capital will be turned into a multistory garage. The company is also looking to acquire additional land for these projects.

  5. Soarin`

    new fantasyland

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