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The Rig
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16 Oct 2021
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Oil Park Development Company
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    The Rig, which involves transforming a decommissioned rig and building three new platforms, is a “large-scale project”, Mr Bakhrji said.

    Engineers and specialists from around the world have been brought on board to come up with the design and plan to execute the project.

    "Our approach will involve a consortium of multi-contractors that will probably build portions of it, modularly in certain areas,” he said.

    "Then using offshore construction and heavy lifters to combine these smaller pieces and assemble the bigger pieces and eventually float them or move them to location, so they can be installed at the final destination."

    At the current engineering stage, around 1,000 people are working on-site, which is expected to increase once it moves on to construction.

    "We are about to float our construction tenders to the markets, where we are expecting to bring the new contractors on board in the near future," he said.

    "The construction will see a significant increase in manpower.”
    "The moment I award an EPCI (engineering, procurement construction and installation) contractor and have a consortium of contractors committed to bringing this vision to life with us, I'll share a more concrete [opening] date," he said.

    "This step is very crucial, as securing the right group of contractors is fundamental for the construction phase."

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    This is a new concept. I really hope that this does not fail. Does this project have a projected completion date yet?

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    The Oil Park Development Company (OPDC), a closed joint stock company wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), and developer of THE RIG. unveiled today the ambitious vision for adventure tourism with the launch of THE RIG. Masterplan, set to redefine the tourism landscape, according to a press release from the OPDC.

    This is in line with PIF’s strategy and objectives laid down in Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, seeking to drive tourism sector growth, create employment opportunities for local talent, attract investment, and diversify the economy.

    THE RIG. CEO Raed Bakhrji said that the hospitality and adventure experience will "span a gross floor area of over 300,000 square meters, located 40km from the coastline, near Al Juraid Island and Berri Oil Field in the Arabian Gulf", and that "THE RIG. is expected to attract over 900,000 annual visitors by 2032, appealing to a wide range of domestic, regional, and international audiences, including adrenaline seekers, explorers, balanced holiday makers, and relaxation seekers".

    According to Bakhrji, the range of hospitality, leisure, entertainment, and accommodation options provided by THE RIG. includes three hotels totaling 800 rooms, 11 restaurants, an extreme sports and adventure park, a world-class marina, and helipads.

    THE RIG. will feature a wide variety of water activities, including a diving center, an amusement park, a splash park, an E-sports center, an immersive theater and a multi-purpose arena.
    He said that THE RIG. takes inspiration from offshore oil platforms, thus celebrating Saudi Arabia's oil and gas legacy, and "creating an exceptional and unique experience" that makes it "a must-visit destination".

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is THE RIG.?

    THE RIG. is a world-first adventure tourism destination inspired by oil platforms to celebrate the legacy and history of Saudi Arabia’s long oil and gas heritage. The one-of-a-kind hospitality and adventure experience will be built 40km from the shoreline in the Arabian Gulf, with a gross floor area of over 300,000 square meters.

    Are all platforms of THE RIG. project based on decommissioned, repurposed platforms?

    THE RIG. consist of decommissioned and newly built platforms, whose concept and model are inspired by offshore oil platforms.

    Who is developing THE RIG. and why?

    Oil Park Development Company (OPDC) is developing THE RIG. OPDC is a closed joint stock company wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia. The project aims to create new horizons for adventure tourism. It is expected to create collaboration opportunities with stakeholders from both the public and private sectors in the Kingdom and internationally. Additionally, THE RIG. Project will enhance Saudi Arabia’s position as a leading tourist destination that offers unique tourism experiences while also creating job opportunities and improving the quality of life in the Eastern Province.

    Why was OPDC formed?

    OPDC was established in line with the PIF Strategy 2021-2025 to diversify and enrich the Kingdom’s tourism and entertainment experiences, increase tourism and entertainment investment, and diversify the economy.

    Who does THE RIG. Cater for?

    The RIG. Will seek to attract more than 900,000 visitors by 2032 and will target extreme sports and adventure lovers, those interested in oil and gas heritage, yachting and cruise line tourists, families, and relaxation seekers.

    Will THE RIG. Target domestic or international tourists?

    THE RIG. Is intended to be a tourism and entertainment destination that acts as a seasonal destination for short holidays, weekends, and day trips, attracting visitors from around the world. There is a special focus on the citizens and residents of the Kingdom and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, as it is expected that visitors from Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries will constitute 70 percent of the total number of visitors.

    What are the outdoor sports and leisure activities offered?

    THE RIG. will include around 72 entertainment and attraction offerings, including a water activities center, an extreme sports & adventure park, an amusement park, and a diving center.

    Are the sports and leisure activities only extreme and outdoor?

    THE RIG. Will include indoor activities, retail shops, a cinema, a kid's center, a multi-purpose arena, an edutainment platform, and an E-sport center.

    How many people can THE RIG. cater for in one day?

    Peak visitor numbers are estimated to be more than 10,000 per day during the peak season.

    Where is THE RIG. expecting its visitors to come from?

    Domestic and regional visitors will make up 70% of the footfall, with 30% of visitors expected to come from international markets.

    Is THE RIG. going to take steps to protect the environment that it is operating in?

    Commitment to the protection of the environment is a top priority for the project. THE RIG. is being developed to the highest international standards to maximize positive environmental impact, empower communities, facilitate eco-experiences, and operate responsibly.

    How do people get to THE RIG.?

    THE RIG. will be accessible through unique means of transportation, including fast ferries, private yachts, helicopters, and seaplanes. Terminals will be built on the mainland to manage and operate the fast ferries, helicopters, and seaplanes. Cruise Lines will also be able to anchor nearby with tenders taking visitors to and from THE RIG.
    Sources: and

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    Today, in Ras Al Khair, the Senior Vice President of Corporate Services for the International Maritime Industries, Eng. Emad Al-Humam, met with CEO of “The Rig” project, Eng. Raed Bukherji, to discuss and build opportunities for cooperation and business relationship.


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    Oil Park Development Company (OPDC), a subsidiary of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth arm Public Investment Fund (PIF), has reportedly sought request for proposals (RFP) from global oil and gas contractors for the mammoth offshore tourism project, dubbed The Rig, according to Upstream.
    Tenders will progress in a similar manner to those issued for oil and gas projects, beginning with engineering studies, moving to front-end engineering and design (FEED), and then engineering, procurement and construction (EPC).

    One source cited by the publication suggested the total work on offer could exceed $5 billion in value, with PIF pushing for commissioning within a very tight 27-30 month period.

    Another said the project could involve up to four bridge-linked offshore platforms, potentially requiring more than 200,000 tonnes of offshore fabrication.

  8. I love the Ferris Wheel that will almost certainly be submerged during a storm.

  9. Finally an entirely new theme park concept!

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