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    I don’t believe that the opening date will be Spring 2024 I don’t think we knew that it was in Easter, I don’t think that this proposal is realistic at least not in less than 4 years as documents haven’t even been submitted yet!

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    After viewing the video I am pretty sure not much progress has been made on the contents of the park as there was conflicting concept art which at points showed what we have seen recently then it goes and shows a similar looking park just with a massive lake! I don’t believe the resort will take off in 2024 but possibly 2025 as if they have not even started planning rides and entertainment venues then it will put them in a lot of trouble, I know this because I asked them if they started planning rides and they said they will start mid 2021

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    Another promotional video has been shared on LinkedIn:

    This one seems to mostly use concept art for the Paramount Park that was planned to be built in Murcia, Spain.

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    The rides in the London Resort will most likely be similar to those in paramount park Kunming the main ones include:
    Mission:impossible. 3D dark ride
    Italian job: overrun. Studio style coaster
    Snoopys dream adventure. 3D interactive dark ride
    Tomb Raider - escape from emerald mountain Mine train coaster (in the concept art you can see a wooden coaster with an adventure theme!)
    Warp Dive. Intense launch coaster although there is no indication on the theme
    Starfleet Recruiting Centre. Which will be Startrek and in old concept art for London resort this was almost certainly included.
    It will include an ‘intense walk through’ as well as the ride
    Sadly I can not see any horror rides!

    Please note that this is not confirmed and is just realistic speculation

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    Firstly I would like to say that the entrance area is totally free and will be as exciting as the rides themselves also the entrance high street area will be similar to Downtown Disney, Disney Village and Disney Springs however the scale is a lot smaller!

    Here are all the things I picked up from the interview:
    * There will be areas for kids to get wet and have fun although it was not included in the video tour.
    * An 800 room hotel most likely Radisson Blu because it seems more luxury than the hollow brick of a hotel which stands near the dock.
    * A high class music venue where it is said that there will be professional performances and concerts by your favourite stars.
    * A three story e-sports centre with one level for marvel (innovention city) a second for gamers alike to compete live and the third for has not been announced. There will be an extremely large e-sports arena will host approximately 2500 seats for gamers and fans where professional fan favourites will compete this will most likely be a pay for attraction as well as the e-sports music venue and practically everything here other than admissions.
    * There will also be a large dome full of a traditional English market with a hole at the top and a gigantic tree which is there to admire.
    * There will also be the massive convention centre and an interactive exhibition space.
    * Sitting below the beautiful LED bird display sheltering the high street area (it could become the company’s logo says Py Gerbeau) will be many shops and restaurants!
    * Welcoming you to this area is an enormous LED sculpture which will look futuristic and stunning!
    * Lastly if you want to see the progress there will be a preview centre where you can press the windows and a realistic photo will pop up seemingly real and it will tell you all about that feature, a castle was basically confirmed as there was a castle in the background and during the presentation Py said, "you can press the window and it will tell you all about the castle, not to confirm that there is a castle."

    Thank you for reading!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    How will this work if you are not paying at the entrance? Will this be tradition Disneyland style we’re you pay for the rides?
    I believe the parks themselves will be gated and single ticket but the external areas will be similar to how Disneyland Paris has the Disney Village area and like Universal has City Walk between the park gates themselves.

  7. How will this work if you are not paying at the entrance? Will this be tradition Disneyland style we’re you pay for the rides?

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    New renderings showing the entry/hotel/convention/retail/entertainment area of The London Resort (so outside of theme park itself) which was presented at the blooloop V-Expo:

    Source: Blooloop

  9. Not that I am shocked because this project is all about press releases and not seemingly adhering to their own rules but The London Resort have put their results out to press before the consultation results are put out officially. So the official site says no results or feedback until 18th December but this was published today.

    The London Resort, one of the most ambitious projects in Europe, today released some of the results and feedback from its public consultation. The consultation revealed in detail how this largely brownfield, former industrial site, will be transformed into one of the most exciting destinations in the world.

    73% of people said they supported the London Resort’s approach to the environment and biodiversity, with 51% strongly supporting it. 74% were in support of the approach to sustainability and 65% agreed that the London Resort will benefit the local area in the longer term.

    The consultation, which lasted eight weeks, reached over 120,000 members of the public including 105,000 leaflets sent to areas of Gravesham, Dartford and Thurrock. There were targeted press notices across regional, local and social media, digital advertising promoting the consultation and an email newsletter was sent to nearly 11,000 businesses and interested parties. Notification emails were also sent to MPs, local councillors and stakeholder organisations.

    The consultation saw over 27,000 people visit the London Resort website ( Over 800 people attended twenty public webinars, over 1,000 questions were asked and answered. An additional 17.5 hours of webinars were held with key stakeholders including local authorities, parish and town councils. To date, 1,200 public consultation responses have been analysed, with final checks now being undertaken, (a 65% increase on 2015’s Consultation).

    The London Resort’s approach to sustainability, the environment and its approach to walkways and cycle routes were among the most strongly supported by the public:

    73% supported the approach to the environment and biodiversity with 51% strongly supportive.
    The approach includes proposing a series of habitat enhancements and management interventions to ensure that the unique mix of habitats can continue to support the rich bird, invertebrate, reptile and small mammal species that are currently using the site. It also includes leaving a large proportion of the peninsula undeveloped including Black Duck Marsh, Broadness Marsh and the Local Wildlife Site at Botany Marsh.

    74% were in favour of the London Resort’s approach to sustainability with 55% showing strong support.
    The approach includes a commitment to delivering a net gain in biodiversity. To help achieve this it will be enhancing land offsite to improve habitat and biodiversity in areas where land management practices have reduced the value of that land for wildlife.

    76% supported the approach to walkways, cycle routes and public rights of way with 54% being in strong support.
    The approach includes improving the recreational offering, in an area which has fairly limited access, for local people. New footpath routes are proposed that will allow enjoyment of the river and marsh landscape. It will include board walks in the marshes as well as bird hides to allow wildlife enthusiasts to spend time with minimised disturbance. The plans include careful management of pedestrian and cycle routes ensuring visitors have clear route guidance and the designation of ‘wildlife zones’ where the public will not have access at all.

    “Sustainability is at the core of our vision,” commented PY Gerbeau, the London Resort’s CEO. “Through the consultation, people were able to digest hundreds of pages of the latest analysis and environmental studies. It was also, quite rightly, a topic which engendered a lot of questions. For three quarters of people to be in support of our plans is hugely rewarding; we would like to thank everyone who responded, we are taking all feedback very seriously.”

    Another hot topic in the consultation was around traffic and how people will get in and out of the London Resort. 70% of respondents supported the approach to sustainable transport and minimising impacts on the road network (50% strongly in support). 80% were in support of keeping London Resort traffic separate from local traffic with 52% in strong support.

    When asked the question at the end of the consultation, 16% of responses remained strongly opposed to the masterplan. Of the 64% who stated their support, more than double (44%) were strongly in favour.

    To date, across the five consultations which have been staged since 2014, nearly 9,000 people have either attended events or webinars with a total of 1,931 feedback forms received.

    “Getting to this point has not been easy,” continued PY. “But the public has responded overwhelmingly in favour and for that we are deeply grateful. We will go through all of the feedback and use it to help inform our approach and further develop our proposals. But there is no doubting, that our aim of creating one of the most exciting entertainment destinations in the world, here in the UK, has taken another big step towards becoming a reality. We now look forward to submitting our DCO application later this year.”

    Official site still says 18th December -


  10. Yeah because a petition on a random website will stop a major tourism development project that the UK desperately needs.

    If you guys looked at the public consultations, you would have seen that they are not going to build on a massive chunk of the land because they have to leave a substantial amount of green belt space, for the sake of protecting the natural wildlife. They are also working with wildlife experts to help move the endangered insects to these green belt areas before construction starts.

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