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  1. The point missed here is that the site is only 15km from the Valencia region southern boundary including Alicante and Benidorm -- Alicante is only 1 hour away, Benidorm 1:30. So the percentage numbers for Murcia only are very misleading.

  2. The figure for Murcia tourists was a little low.

    There were 60 million visitors to Spain in 2013, so 1.24% of that figure is 744,000.
    Still a tiny, tiny number.

  3. At the moment, the only argument for Murcia is that it's sunny.

    Let's look at some figures.
    Population of Murcia - 1.47 million
    Tourist visitors to Murcia - 650,000
    Murcia currently attracts 1.24% of visitors to Spain.

    Population of London - 8.3 million
    Visitors to London - 16.8 million
    Plus another approximately 12 million people living within an hour of London.

    Looking at the number of potential customers, why would anyone give a second thought to Murcia?
    The figures don't lie. No wonder the chap trying to build it hasn't raised any money from private investors.
    He can't even pay the Spanish government the €12 million his football club owes in tax!

    By the way, Malaga is not close to Murcia. It's 400km away.

  4. We'll with that level of income you can afford the flights and spend you money helping the poor Spaniards. Don't forget you won't need your rain coat as we have 300+ days of sunshine and had a frost once in five years. Any investor will pick Murcia close to Alicante and Malaga. With flights all over Europe and more visitors than London.

  5. Where is Murcia!? It's not 19 minutes by train from London on the HS1 line! London is booming, property prices are one fifth higher than anywhere else in the world and West End rents double that of New York. Crossrail is extending. I own 8 properties in and around Ebbsfleet. In five years my assets have increased by £1 million. Back to pre crash levels. I do room on room accommodation. The good thing about London is it is International. Hence London Paramount. Murcia. Do people on the planet know where that is?

    I moved to Kent in 2003. I made from nothing a business now worth £2.3 million. In 5 years time, once London Paramount opens, all my properties will do accommodation nightly. Similar to Alton Towers. I have 21 rooms within walking distance of the new park.

    I cannot wait. A new business, a new vision. I have worked out that my new B&B business will bring in £613,000 a year. £6.130,000 million in 10 years.

    My assets by 2019 in and around Ebbsfleet will increase from their current to £2.8 million. By 2024 £3.85 million.

    Ebbsfleet the New Garden city. With Eastern Quarry building 8,000 homes. A further City evolving around Ebbsfleet, Bluewater, London Paramount.

    If you are a business owner you cannot fail to be in the New Garden City.

    Kind Regards,


  6. The so called investors in Murcia have put their money in Ferrari World. Murcia will not happen.

  7. Paramount Kent will not fail. It's more than just a theme park and its closeness to London, one of the greatest cities in the world will make it attractive for many visitors. Weather is not a problem, as there will be lots to do inside. In any case it does not affect Disneyland Paris with similar weather! My family and friends think it's the best news for years.

  8. The concept of I want here cause I live in England is not the criteria for building the park, Visitor numbers are.

    Murcia will attract from the rest of Europe as it has many Golf courses and resorts already and fantastic beaches, in summer it is full with the Spanish on holidays. in the winter it is busy with golfers etc. So the number of visitors is what it is about as this will allow it to thrive.

    So again Kent will fail, how many people are going to fly to London and go to the park in November Jan, Feb as part of their holidays give you a clue none.

    The reality will also be apparent to investors so Murcia will win them over.

  9. You seem to be missing a few points regarding the London/Kent project.

    What is being proposed for the Kent project is something far bigger than just a theme park. LRCH are proposing to build an Entertainment Resort!

    Once completed, the resort would include Cinemas, Theatres, Restaurants‎, Hotels, Exhibition Centres, Entertainment Streets, the biggest Waterpark in Europe, Monorails and of course a Theme park!

    All of which would be twice the size of the London Olympic park! Just look at the difference in price for each project;

    Paramount Park Spain - $500M
    Paramount Park London - $3.2B!

    Although the weather in the UK is not great, certainly the Southeast of England does enjoy some of the best weather and generally the highest temperatures of the year can be found in Kent.

  10. The bit that puzzles me is why build in this location when plans are further advanced for a park in Murcia. English summers give 40 good days at best, Murcia sunny 300 plus days a year. A flight to Murcia can be as low as £28 each way and that's the same for every one in the UK. It will be a pain to try and get to the London site from anywhere north of Watford.

    So, bin Paramount Park London and go to Murcia!

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