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  1. London - majority of the local community are against the project

    Spain - everybody is pushing for the project from National Government to local people.

  2. The Kuwaiti investors - Owners of Ebbsfleet United, now I do not recall them playing Man U so think they are not Premier League, not sure how deep the investor pockets are but have good idea as I have worked for a Kuwaiti investment company, so would not expect funds to be readily available. The main driving force leaves the project, the site is ridiculous and inaccessible with poor infra structure and public transport, finally it rains a lot and is cold.

    Paramount Park Spain .

    Investors apparently almost there, park fully designed, great infrastructure right on a Motorway and next to a new airport. Sunny over 300 days per year, next to great beaches and flights form Europe at £100 return. Which would you invest in?

  3. The only thing Mickey Mouse is living in this over developed, over congested, over populated area. Developers are getting richer and locals sicker from pollution and stress from constantly sitting in traffic. Surely Dartford needs to be sorted out first.

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    Stricking to bare facts.
    (1) Latest news : "Tony Sefton leaves Paramount Kent"
    (The news is in all Kent / London press, f.i.
    … or, clean opportunity to leave in style before the ship is sinking ?

    (2) Capital investment. Actual state.
    London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH) is owned by Kuwaiti Investment since 1-1/2 year now. FACT.
    However, read this very well and literally: LHCH, not Paramount Kent, is owned by... Kuwaiti.
    If you OWN a company, you invested it's actual registered value. (No fairy tales)

    Here is the REGISTERED business data overview, about LRCH, mid 2014.

    Now compare with , quoted :
    ".... LRCH is driven by Kuwaiti European Holdings, bankrolled by the Al-Humaidi family. It is not funding the entire project, but it is providing the initial capital and actively spearheaded the key funding ..."

    Source :

    Make your own conclusions on the data...


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    "London Paramount Resort signs deal with British Film Institute (BFI)"

    (render of the Resort's interior)

    This will allow the park to use such iconic branding as Stark Trek, The Godfather, Mission: Impossible and the Italian Job.
    Read more from the source:

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    Most travellers will obviously take the train to the theme park because it is the fastest mode of transport from London. Ebbsfleet International station has a frequent service train travelling from London via Ebbsfleet ( and connects directly to major cities in Europe including Paris, Brussels, Cologne. London Paramount predicted that as many as 20% will travel by train ( However I wonder how many will be Europeans coming in from Europe vs commuters from London?

    Disneyland in Paris will be an obvious competitor, however London will be faster connected. A journey from London St. Pancras to Ebbsfleet takes 17 minutes and then a 3 minute express bus to the Paramount theme park; just over 20 minutes in total --where as it takes approximately 1 hour between Paris and DLP.

  7. A quick look video found from ThemeParkCollective:

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    The creators of Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, and Chicken Run signed a Memorandum of Understanding with London Resort Company Holdings, the company behind the London Paramount Entertainment Resort.

    London Resort Company Holdings Ltd (LRCH), the company behind the multi-billion pound project in North Kent, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Aardman Animations Ltd to feature their intellectual property at the resort alongside iconic Hollywood characters from Paramount Pictures.

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    The themed workshop sessions in spring 2015 will be an opportunity to progress issues identified at previous exhibitions in more depth with our specialist consultants. Each workshop will follow a similar format including short presentations on both the proposals for London Paramount and the consultation process. This will be followed by breakout sessions where information will be provided to enable smaller groups to discuss and debate the topics before feeding back to the group to conclude the session.
    Register for the workshops here


  10. Mr Testa explained that the government was due to make its decision on a planning application early next year with work starting on the peninsula almost the immediately afterwards. The reason the government will make the planning decision, rather than Gravesend Borough Council, is that the development is being considered under the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects scheme. That means government are able to decide on its planning application.

    The first stage of the resort is due to open at Easter 2020.

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