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  1. For anyone interested - I managed to attend the Bluewater Exhibition briefly today and was able to take a few shots of the scale model. It was rather busy so apologies for the poor quality photos.

  2. Interesting new artwork in the exhibition document linked below:

  3. Stage four of the public consultation events will be taking place from today. For anyone unable to attend please see the below link to download the Exhibition Displays;

  4. New concept art and a little more info on attractions released:

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    "Scale model of London Paramount entertainment resort to go on show in final public exhibitions before planning application"

    A scaled model of the resort will be on show at the public consultations as well as the emerging masterplan tackling issues like transport, the environment and wider regeneration.
    Check out the source for dates of consultation if you want to get involved.

  6. A report on the workshops sessions held by London Paramount Entertainment Resort in February and March is now available to view. See below link;

  7. Currently yes. This will be addressed as outlined on page 29 of the recent Stage 3 Workshop on Masterplanning & Infrastructure, see the below link.

  8. Concerning the entire site is at Flood risk!! From the Environment Agency Website

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  10. Actually the majority of the local population are in favour of the park, as their feedback studies on their website show. National government is pushing for it too, with the project being the first ‘Business or Commercial Project’ to be considered a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) back in 2014.

    The site is actually incredibly well suited, thanks to Ebbsfleet International station on the HS1 out of London. This puts it 17 minutes from central London, in high speed trains to brownfield site ripe for development. Ebbsfleet also has trains through the channel tunnel to Europe, making it easier to get from other major cities like Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. It is also near the M25, the motorway hub around London. It is also on the river, which they plan to use as a transport route as well. No need to build an airport for this one, the international infrastrucure is already ready and sitting on the doorstep of the site.

    The weather is no more an issue than Disneyland Paris, but has the benefit of being far closer to it's associated city. London is nowhere near as cold and rainy as the stereotype suggests.

    New article about the project here: They are funding the project till after construction has started, which shows a great deal of a lot of confidence in it.

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