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Local Name:
The London Resort
Former Name(s):
Paramount Park London
08 Oct 2012
Construction Start:
353 ha
  1. The Paramount Park London boss is realistic. He just 'hopes'.

    The boss in charge of the Paramount Park project told Ebbsfleet Academy pupils: “We’re looking forward to working with you.” The former Swan Valley Community School reopened as Ebbsfleet Academy on September 6, and held an official opening on Thursday.

    Paramount park boss Tony Sefton was among the guests, along with his wife celebrating their wedding anniversary, to discuss how pupils will be able to work at the park.

    The company will have an office based at the school.

    He said: “I came to Swanscombe three years ago. I was in a meeting saying we needed to find about 800 acres and everywhere we looked was rubbish.

    “We are building one of the biggest theme parks in the UK and then some bloke said why don’t you try Swanscombe?

    “Your town is amazing – you’re on top of a hill and you’ve got these little pockets around you that are getting filled up, one with a shopping centre and I hope another with Paramount Park.”

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    Audience backs no single Thames crossing option at Thamesview school meeting
    Gravesham Council leader Councillor John Burden told the audience the council opposes all three options, while option B would put the proposed Paramount Park theme park at Swanscombe in jeopardy.

    He said: "You are going to be losing 27,000 jobs in the immediate area if you go for B. I am therefore very worried we are consulting on three options when we actually know one of them has no legs anyway."

  3. A second river crossing at the Swanscombe Peninsula could scupper plans for a £2 billion Paramount theme park and 28,000 jobs, a boss has warned today.
    'scupper' means destroy by the way

    The Department for Transport is today expected to unveil three options for possible crossing locations - and one is widely tipped to be Swanscombe.

    It follows extensive consultation over recent months and years of talks about how to ease traffic at the Dartford Crossing.

    Tony Sefton, head of London Resort Company Holdings, the Paramount project developer, was taken aback by the speculation.
    "It could really scupper plans. We are in the final throes of negotiating a very large investment and this makes it very difficult."
    News coming from

    Goodbye to another Paramount theme park project? LOL

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    No spider delay

    The Paramount theme park is billed as the third biggest theme park in the world, creating around 27,000 jobs and set for completion by 2019.
    However, Tony Sefton, a project leader at London Resort Company Holdings, told C&IT that the reports were unfounded, and that the spiders will be a potential draw for customers.

    "Reports in the press have been completely false. The rare spider colony was discovered in previous surveys, and is located on the edge of the park. The project is going ahead exactly as planned," he added.

  5. Today in The Independent:

    Plans for a huge £2bn theme park just outside London have been put on hold after the discovery of a rare spider colony.

    Developers hoped to complete Paramount park scheme - which aims to rival Disneyland Paris - by 2019, claiming it would be the third biggest theme park in the world.

    The site they had in mind the Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent.

    But an environmental audit has found that the patch is one of only who places in the UK home to the distinguished jumping spider.
    Seriously? Why not making them part of the theme park? Make a dark ride with these spiders. Or a spider ghost house.

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    Paramount Park London progress

    The Olympic factor is persuading potential investors in a Paramount theme park to beat a path to the developer's door.
    But the scheme's biggest challenge has been attracting enough funds to enable it to get off the ground in a tough economic climate.
    Tony Sefton, project leader, said investors were keen to contact Mr Townsend. "He's not waiting, they are coming," he said. Many were from overseas. (...) He said the project was on track to raise a high proportion of the initial £30m to kick-start the first phase of the biggest regeneration project in Europe.

  7. Lots of ..... I would rather look closely who is the project leader on this and what sort of business he has got....

  8. Indeed... Only small correction... It was in Las Vegas ....

  9. And what? This project manager honesty is well know in the sector...would not trust what he is saying at all!

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    The London 2012 chief who helped raise £2 billion towards the cost of the Games has been given the job of getting a “British Disneyland” project off the ground.

    Chris Townsend, the commercial director at London 2012 organiser Locog, has been appointed to the same role to create a £2 billion theme park in Kent for Paramount Pictures to open by 2018. Mr Townsend this week begins talks with City investors to raise debt and equity funding for the project on an 872-acre site on the Swanscombe peninsula near Ebbsfleet.

    He has been appointed by London Resort Company Holdings, a development vehicle which has signed a deal with Hollywood-based Paramount for an exclusive licence in the UK.

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