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  1. A new investor has stepped in!

  2. Yes, Swanscombe, Kent does not have an appropriate weather for a theme park.
    A £3.5B investment is difficult to recover. It would make a good Film studio location though, since UK already has an established market for
    Cinema / television content production. We tried asking the council if we could put up a proposal, but no one replied.
    The glitter and hallucination of a Theme park is probably preventing them from considering smaller plans.

  3. With the projected cost being £3.5B, there is no profit to be made ever, if the tickets are priced at £57. Security and other safety issues won't allow more than a certain number of people to be in the park at any given time. That is probably why the partners pulled out. It may not be a scam, but it could be a "mistake of the heart". The government could designate this zone as "entertainment park " and invite smaller companies to set up individual rides and attractions so it becomes feasible.The park itself is a great idea, but needs financial engineering if it has to be successful.

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    Not much more detail but interesting that they are still making the press locally with announcements.

    And despite recent setbacks, Humphrey Percy, group CEO of the project's parent company Kuwaiti European Holdings, was very positive about future partnership deals for the resort.

    "We are delighted with progress on partnership agreements," he said recently, "we plan to build over 3,500 hotel rooms, operated by our new partner, Intercontinental Hotel Group; constructing the majority of the Resort and new roads and infrastructure with materials stored at and transported from Port of Tilbury, with whom we have recently signed an agreement.

    "We are now in very detailed commercial negotiations regarding partners, the concepts they are embracing and some of the incredible creative propositions.

  5. The site is back up.

  6. Just because the website's gone down doesn't mean that the project's not going to happen anymore.

  7. The website has gone down!

    Does this mean they’ve scrapped the project or they’re getting ready for a new announcment with a new theme park project name? Is there anyway to see if NBC have registered any new domain names? I don’t want this project to die 😭

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    In a meeting with the Government Planning Inspectorate held on 9th March, London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH), the developers behind the project, outlined their plans for the Resort following the announcement that LRCH was no longer in partnership with Paramount.
    LRCH now propose to have a variety of IP (intellectual property) partners, which will lead to a range of themed lands within the theme park. Contracts with six IP partners are close to being completed and LRCH anticipate these will be announced in due course.
    The park is now proposed to be delivered in two phases by splitting it up into two ‘gates’ – Gate 1 would consist of a stand-alone theme park and account for approximately two-thirds of the overall scheme. Gate 1 would also feature the six IP partners currently being negotiated and be operational first. Gate 2 would provide further IP-partnered lands and further hotel accommodation, however, LRCH have advised that they will wait until Gate 1 is open before negotiating the IP partners for Gate 2 to ensure the IPs they intended to use were still relevant and desirable.
    LRCH intend to secure development consent for both phases in one application and currently intends to submit their application in 2019, however have not specified at precisely which point in the year that will be.

  9. At the end of the day these things do take time (some more than others) to get off the ground. Anyways there are people involved in this project as well as some council members who seem determined to make this work. With the amount of work going into this I'd find it hard to believe that it's a scam

  10. It’s not going to happen. It’s just a project to scam oversees investors. They invest a few million, the project managers cream off some of it in the form of salaries and they spend the rest on buying land and producing loving cgi images and fancy literature. The project then runs into stumbling blocks and the company is eventually wound up.

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