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    Jun 2020
    Environmental scoping now available for The London Resort.

    SouthParks has released details of the recently published Environmental Scoping report which reveals a few new bits of information.

    Key details:
    - Roller coasters will not exceed 40m, "mountains" will not exceed 60m and buildings will not exceed 32m
    - A mixture of IP-based attractions and original themes are in the works
    - They are still intending for a second gate to open in 2029 with an estimate of 12.5 million visitors per year (6.5 million for first gate in 2024)
    - 4 hotels are planned totalling 3550 rooms with 2500 available for the opening of gate one, one hotel could be located within gate one in similar style to Disneyland Hotel in Disneyland Resort Paris
    - A 3000 seat convention/conference centre is proposed along with an eSports arena and a number of theatres

    More details about car parking, transport links, staff housing and more are in the link below:

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    The news story about a "UK Disneyland" is doing the rounds again with the British newspapers. Think this got started with the most recent news about further planning applications but it's all over news sites and social media again.

    I know people say there's no such thing as bad news but you would think someone at The London Resort would try to manage these. They don't accurately portray the project at all.

    Same story as previously with headline using the Disney brand and the same old concept art. Here's a selection of the sites hosting this "news"...

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    I have also just noticed that under the 'News' section there used to be a lot of "project documentation" but that area is now clear of any documents at all. Does anyone know when they were removed or does anyone remember what specifically was there that might now be irrelevant?

    See here...

  5. MouseEars is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Mar 2020
    Some more details for this new consultation.

    Today, The London Resort announced it has taken four significant steps in its preparation to submit proposals later this year. Despite the massive disruption caused by COVID-19, The Resort’s expert team has maintained strong progress on its work and confirmed:

    1. Proposals for a ‘late-summer / early autumn’ public consultation including online and ‘virtual’ engagement

    2. Confirmed submission of a 300-page Environmental Scoping report by 12th June

    3. Contacted advisors of affected local businesses, setting out terms for the acquisition of land including an additional premium

    4. Written to the Community Liaison Group to help share information about the project
    “The team have been immense, working incredibly hard during these awful times. I joined just under a year ago and we are always being asked to hurry up. Well, I am happy to tell you we have made strong progress and these reports are hugely important. This is a significant step in transforming an amazing and ambitious dream into reality.

    “We obviously can’t hold a public consultation in the normal way – but we will make sure we reach out to local residents and businesses as well as the wider community and stakeholders. We are talking to Government about how we will be using digital technology, websites, video conferences and online Question and Answer Sessions.”

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    As The London Resort works towards submitting its final masterplan, public consultations will "be held across August and September"

    Sources: and

  7. It's obviously terrible that Py contracted COVID-19 and great that he has recovered but the fact that they are saying things are falling behind because he was sick for a number of weeks is ridiculous. How is seemingly one single man responsible for this massive project?

    "It knocked him out for a couple of weeks," he said. "But he was propped up in bed with an iPad getting the show on the road."

    Now he says theme park bosses are more determined than ever to deliver the project, adding "our ambition for the creating a world class resort remains unchanged."
    But London Resort communications director, Andy Martin maintains the project is still on course and said delays were not uncommon for a complex project of this size.

    He said theme park bosses were holding Zoom calls with all concerned parties and fine-tuning their master plans.Changes to the application timetable were agreed in advance, he added, with complex considerations such as the planned works for the A2 near Ebbsfleet, and the ongoing Lower Thames Crossing proposal factored in.
    The full application is now expected to be submitted in Autumn, to be followed by a further public consultation.There will then be 28 days to review the application and decide whether or not to accept it for examination.

  8. They could at least start digging the foundations, to give us some hope that this will happen someday. I'm sure they will put the blame on the Brexit scenario, even though its right next to a quarry with the biggest supply of concrete in the UK.

  9. Yes, Carly, that's exactly what I've believed since it was first announced. I've never believed that it was ever going to happen.

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    I can't embed the video from this report but it's worth a watch on the link below. The suggestion of the reporter is that they are building up the plans in order to increase the resale value of the land they purchased and have no intention of delivering the park.

    There is still no work on the site and they are still pushing the "open by 2024" messaging. It's not feasible in my opinion for this project to be delivered.

    London Resort Holdings has issued artists impressions, bought up land and formed partnerships with Paramount, ITV and the BBC. But a planning application has not been submitted and no work has been carried out on the 800-acre site.

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