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  1. @themeparkmad
    The other Paramount parks look remarkable similar, sharing almost identical buildings, coasters and birds eye view concept art. I have been looking at the announced rides for Paramount Korea and they will probably be very similar to the London resorts attractions. IPs include Tomb Raider, Mission Impossible and Italian Job!

    I am attending a consultation this evening so I will post my findings tomorrow.

    Happy investigating!

  2. Paulo is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Where is this concept art now then? Where did it come from? Would love to take a look.

    Just on the webinar now. Interesting stuff!

  3. @themeparkmad
    Early rumours from previously posted concept art:

    After having a look at the companies involved with the project and the aerial view and limited time video posted etc, I have found out that the rides proposed have not been anywhere near finalized just a rough story the designers say that they are looking for ‘next generation technology’ and are postponing ride development until the last couple of months.

    I took a deep look into the posted (then deleted) concept art and I see:
    * A Doctor Who style dark ride with yellow hexagonal movers (from the video),
    * A Mission Impossible attraction based around an intelligent looking bank with what looks like future technology,
    * An Indiana Jones style river rapid I don’t know the IP but it looks like a fun adventure ride,
    * Another temple adventure looking coaster with large stone pillars and carved human like faces,
    * A Top Gear water ride by the looks of things were you can race your friends,
    * Small jungle huts were seen possibly being bars, restaurants or restrooms,
    * A mega wooden coaster (x2) one in a large mountain most likely an explorer attraction because of the crashed plane and one being at the large castle,
    * One walk through attraction in a house although the IP is unknown
    * A large outdoor venue with shops
    * A Paramount cinema.

    I’ll post more findings as I have only scratched the surface and I can already see lots of attractions. Please note that these are just rumors from the given concept art and the business/hotel video which you cannot view due to the resort's request. I will update you soon. Lastly I am attending a consultation this evening and will notify you of any other findings.

    From Themeparkmad

  4. What is the source for this information (Universal’s partnership)? Also if any one attends a consultation then please tell us your findings

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    The consultation period has only just begun, there will not be anything to show from it for a few months yet whilst they gather information. You can find out more here and also sign up for the consultation meetings online if you want to find out more. I will be attending one next week and will pass on anything I learn from it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    Why has there been no updates from the public consultation or news posted by the resort?

  6. The company wants to license Universal for the second park

  7. I believe that the public consultation is on the 13th August. You can sign-up through the park’s twitter to get updates on it.

  8. Why has there been no updates from the public consultation or news posted by the resort?

  9. Who would be in charge of hiring underground utility locating or any other geophysical surveys needed?

  10. CarlySX is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    It is hard to say and honestly at the moment I wouldn't worry until you start seeing actual construction taking place.

    I would forecast (based on other similar projects) that overall it will increase the house prices in the area - if it's built fully with park etc BUT it will also flood the housing market with lowish quality apartments from developers so if you have a larger house further on the housing ladder i.e. not a starter home you may find it more difficult to sell as the market will be more focussed towards smaller homes for rental and first time buyers. So totally depends on your home, what stage you intend to sell in and what actually gets built.

    Overall the improved infrastructure should work in your favour but with COVID having an impact on people not commuting as much this might be less pronounced.

    Quote Originally Posted by tbsc50 View Post
    Question about local housing? What will be the likely impact on the housing stock and values in the local area?

    I am a local resident (Greenhithe, approx 1.5 miles from the site), and am a little worried that this will drive values down over the next few years as the parks construction gathers pace.

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