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    Both Dartford and Gravesham councils have raised serious concerns regarding the "lack of detail" and the proposed timescales for the project. These initial observations were submitted in a series of letters sent to the Secretary of State and published as part of its scoping opinion last month.

    Dartford council noted the scoping report represented an "initial stage" and said their comments had been provided to assist the developers on "some of the more localised issues".
    Dan Bramwell of the Peninsula Management Group – which represents over 100 businesses and landowners on the Swanscombe Peninsula – said they were yet to hear directly from the theme park bosses. He said: "As far as all the parties on the industrial estates are concerned, there has been very little progress made in addressing the future needs of the businesses or negotiating with landowners.

    "It is now well over two years since there was last any meaningful dialogue between London Resort and Peninsula Management Group, contrary to what the developer says."

  2. Sadly there are now 3800 annoying signatures to stop the resort in Dartford, although if it did happen I would think that they would relocate.

  3. I just went over the response of the Inspectorate Council to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) published by London Resort. It seems like they gave lengthy feedback, and indicated that a lot of things were lacking in the EIA! Is that worrisome or normal?

  4. The council was made aware of the rare spiders years ago and there are plans to relocate as many as they can, so I don’t think this petition will go very far.

  5. Major set back for the resort! There is a petition and once it gets to 3000 signatures it will be shown to the Kent council. This is because of rare species of moth and bugs living there

  6. I asked about the Universal Studios licensing rumours in the consultation and he didn’t confirm them but he also didn’t deny them

  7. The Top Gear ride looks like it’s multiple attractions in one. If you look at the concept art the log flume splashdown is obviously in the centre but if you look to the right you can see what looks like a motorbike themed coaster

  8. @themeparkmad
    I asked questions about many things (creative jobs, concept art, etc) and I have lots of information!

    Next generation rides and technology ahead of other theme parks
    A relatively small indoor water park
    10,000 space car park
    A people mover
    A visitor centre
    At peak 75000 visitors a day at gate 2’s opening
    A clean sustainable park
    PY Gerbeau is said to have transformed management
    Imagineering jobs are available
    Staff housing for the majority of the staff
    Acting and live performances seen in universal
    Green areas around the park for guests to unwind
    Gate 2 will me more indoor
    A large check in building to avoid claustrophobic feelings
    A large e-sports centre with interactive game that sounds like an arcade
    A staff training centre
    There will be a dual carriage way for access into the park without using local roads

    I hope this is helpful but I have also found out that main ride information is far away as the parks are not at that stage yet.

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    Posting the screengrabs separately in case they need removing though there is nothing in here that isn't already in other documents and it's all public. These are from the consultation this evening and just give a flavour of what is being shared.

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    I attended the consultation this evening.

    I asked about the timeshares article I shared recently. The answer was that it will not be the housing mentioned in the proposal that will be sold for timeshares but that they are working with investment companies for the hotels to sell into overseas markets.

    Some things that I have made note of:
    1. There will be staff housing built specifically for staff members to accommodate shift patterns and long working hours.
    2. They are trying to make the majority of visitors use public transport to avoid traffic issues - I asked if they thought Coronavirus might make them rethink that as people avoid PT. They answered that they hope that by the opening date it will not longer be an issue.
    3. There will be a footpath that follows the river that connects the areas around the resort to the resort so locals can walk in and from the resort you can walk out to the protected marshes surrounding the resort.
    4. Visitor numbers on peak days: both parks open on peak will be 75,000 visitors over the two parks.
    5. They are looking at ways to stop people parking in local areas and walking in but they are not sure how to tackle that at the moment, the conversation is still ongoing.
    6. They are aiming for net zero carbon impact for the park and will be one of the most environmentally friendly parks in the world.
    7. They are aiming to pay over the legal minimum wage. That is still under consideration but they hope to be competitive.
    8. Contractors will be contacted and tendors released over the next 12 months.
    9. The resort will not have as many hotel rooms as some similar international resorts but they believe many new hotels will grow into the area.

    They are being extremely transparent and it's worth attending if you have an interest. It has given me more hope that this might get off the ground but I am still extremely skeptical that this will ever see the light of day.

    Also pretty sure they just name checked themeparX, did anyone else on the call hear it? In response to "Andy's" question about the concept art being taken down. "Andy" didn't mention this site but I think the speaker then said something about it?

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