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Local Name:
The London Resort
Former Name(s):
Paramount Park London
08 Oct 2012
Construction Start:
353 ha
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    HS1 Lmt has stated that Kings Cross Station would need major infrastructure improvements if the planned london resort would go ahead:
    As a critical piece of national infrastructure and under our Concession Agreement obligations HS1 must also seek to protect its infrastructure from the potential risks that this development poses,” HS1 Ltd’s submission states.

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    During the summer of 2017 Rethink Leisure & Entertainment was responsible for the masterplan of The London Resort. When you go to many pages on the official resort website (such as here: you can see a piece of concept art as the background. Here's the full piece of concept art which was done by Rethink Leisure & Entertainment:

    At that time Aardman Animations was involved in the project so here's a never-before-seen image of the Wallace and Gromit area which is also by Rethink Leisure & Entertainment:

    Keep in mind that both of these pieces of concept art do not likely represent the current design of The London Resort but who’s to say whether or not even the recent, officially released concept art represents the current design


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    I find it strange that a theme park partnered with BBC and Paramount has announced a generic dinosaur-themed area. Instead, they could have announced a dinosaur-themed area based on Walking with Dinosaurs (BBC) or Dinotopia (Paramount).

    Since announcing the design of The London Resort in December 2019 (, the north west corner of the Resort has always shown the same Dinotopia area that is planned for Paramount Park in Kunming. Now according to today’s announcement that same location will in fact be a dinosaur-themed area but it is not Dinotopia and all of the attractions are different except that both areas have a theater of the same size. The Dinotopia area planned for Paramount Park in Kunming includes a 1500 seat theater. Now The London Resort is saying that their dinosaur area will also have a 1500 seat theater. Is this a coincidence? A 1500 seat theater is not necessarily unusual though for a theme park. For example, the newly opened Fantasyland Forest Theatre at Tokyo Disneyland is also 1500 seats.

    Was Dinotopia planned for The London Resort but switched for some reason? Was Dinotopia just a placeholder? Could this “Base Camp” itself be a placeholder for Dinotopia? Does Paramount not want their intellectual properties being used to promote the Resort yet? If “Base Camp” is real, will it actually have BBC branding?

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    Full info on the latest announcement here:

    Concept art of the "Base Camp" area

    The London Resort today unveiled an exclusive glimpse into Base Camp, an entire land dedicated to dinosaurs, adventure and the legacy of unsung heroes of palaeontology, including Mary Anning.
    The details were revealed today by PY Gerbeau, CEO of London Resort Company Holdings, as he spoke at a sustainability conference, hosted by attractions industry specialist, Blooloop. Along with new imagery of Base Camp, Gerbeau also announced his recommendation to take time to review and ensure the Resort’s ‘gold standard’ case for sustainability, given the implications of Natural England’s designation of the site as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

    “Working with the Planning Inspectorate, we have requested further time to prepare for the formal enquiry later this summer,” said Gerbeau. “It is absolutely fundamental for us to be leaders in sustainability. We’ve already committed to spending around £150m on remediation, habitat enhancement and providing around 8 miles of footpaths and public rights of way. But since Natural England designated the area a SSSI earlier this year – it is right and proper that we take a short extension to revise our reports and ensure they address the issues raised.

    “We are on track to create a beacon of world class entertainment and experiences within a world leading sustainable environment. And we’re very excited to announce details of our progress with a new land, Base Camp.”

    Set in the north west corner of the Resort, the land’s plans include two rollercoasters, a large multi- media live stage show experience, an advanced simulator attraction, immersive fine dining and an “active dig site” where younger palaeontologists can discover dinosaurs as they climb, dig and tunnel their way across the excavation site.

    “Base Camp’s design is based on a philosophy of what an actual, modern day, prehistorical nature reserve might look like,” commented PY Gerbeau, CEO of London Resort Company Holdings. “There will be thrills, spills and high energy rides combined with opportunities to get up close and personal with some of the most amazing creatures ever to walk the earth. However, unlike popular films that depict dinosaurs as villains, things don’t always go terribly wrong here. We are building a land of preservation and celebration of dinosaurs.”

    The first of two rollercoasters planned for the land will celebrate the reign of Quetzalcoatlus, one of the largest known, winged reptiles of all time. Set over 1km of track, it aims to be one of the fastest coasters in Europe. It will also go against the trend of building coasters with towering heights and big drops. Recreating what scientists believe was a typical flight path of the extraordinary beast, this coaster will stay low to the ground, zipping across treetops, skimming water and bursting through rocky canyons. A multi-launch coaster reaching speeds in excess of 70mph, the ride will replicate the hunting speed of Quetzalcoatlus which would swoop low and fast to snare prey in its long, tweezer like beak.

    The second coaster inside Base Camp will offer a family orientated experience. Weaving beneath the flight path of Quetzalcoatlus, through the fascinating landscape, this ride will allow for adventurers of all ages and sizes to experience a rollercoaster with just the right level of ‘thrill’.

    An indoor, 1,500 seated arena will be located in the far corner of the preserve. This marquee attraction, framed by a massive biodome, will feature breath-taking shows set within a dense tropical forest.

    Alongside the fun and adrenaline, the land is also set to deliver educational opportunities. An enormous play area will be created for young palaeontologists to explore, excavate exciting fossil finds and develop STEM skills. Zip lines, climbing walls and multiple archaeological tunnels will welcome the most enthusiastic of kids while underwater viewing platforms will offer calming moments as families peer into prehistoric lagoons. An interactive, immersive, dark ride will use sophisticated gaming technology to enlist the help of guests to track and tag a variety of dinosaurs and ancient reptiles in the wild. It will pit humans against beasts in a quest for better understanding and scientific research.

    One of two food and beverage offerings within Base Camp will be a fun and eclectic family restaurant situated along the edge of a Cretaceous watering hole. It is where palaeontologists and visitors alike can relax and swap stories. It is also here that the life and legacy of Mary Anning will be fully celebrated. One of Britain’s greatest scientists, Mary Anning was a world-renowned fossil collector and palaeontologist. Self-taught and ambitious, she found and identified hundreds of fossils in her lifetime including being the first in the world to identify the Ichthyosaur. Only properly recognised in recent years by organisations such as the Natural History Museum and the Royal Society, here her life, legacy, and lasting impact on the world of palaeontology will be fully celebrated.

    The second food and beverage destination will be a fine dining experience with a difference. Situated at the edge of an underwater cliff, this luxury dining venue will combine first-rate cuisine, fine wines, with a view to die for. Floor-to-ceiling “windows” will wrap the dining room, offering guests a front-row seat to the flora and fauna of the prehistoric oceans just beyond the glass. Throughout the meal, schools of ancient fish may swim past the windows, darting from predators as they emerge from the inky blackness beyond. At regular intervals, something with a bit more bite may come into view. Ichthyosaurs loves to feed at this depth, and diners will have an unobstructed view as fish, otherwise assumed to be the hunters, become the hunted beneath the ocean’s surface.

    “Our vision is for The London Resort to be a beacon of world-class entertainment experiences set within a world-leading sustainable environment”, continued Gerbeau. “We are building a unique, global destination and the storytelling, thrilling adventures, and environmental messaging found inside Base Camp help to reinforce that effort.”

  5. Py is presenting this morning at the Greenloop conference and he just said the second gate will be open by 2029.

  6. My kids have promised to take me to The London Resort in my urn, because I surely will be long dead when this park is finally built.

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    Back in October I shared real concept art of The London Resort ( that is officially released as part of a presentation regarding investing in the resort's onsite Paramount Hotel. Now another website about investing in the resort's onsite Paramount Hotel has released another new piece of real concept art, this time showing what is clearly the Dinotopia area of the theme park:

    To learn more about this water ride and the Dinotopia area, I encourage you to look at the Paramount Park Kunming thread ( because a very similar area is planned for that theme park.


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    Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) for its grassland, scrub, wetlands, grazing marsh and saltmarsh habitat which is home to an array of wildlife. The marshlands close to the M35 are also home to a rare endangered species of jumping spider as well as marsh harriers, reed warblers and rare plants.
    PY Gerbeau, chief executive of London Resort Company Holdings, said: “The project will of course continue, and this is just another issue to address in the long history of this project.”

    He said the company had been surveying and monitoring the site since 2012 and was working closely with Natural England to identify the right ecological solutions to deliver the project. He added: “Sustainability is a green thread throughout the London Resort proposals and we’re very proud of that.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by LeeleeSTAR View Post
    My concern all along has been that there is no intention to build the theme park and instead we get the central plaza with some additional leisure.

    I strongly hope this isn't the case and they are trying to be vague with the theme park stuff to keep secrets.
    I have said this all along. This has happened overseas. No theme park but they get the hotels and housing. My money is on this happening here.

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    There is a proposal that 2000 construction workers could live on cruise ships on the opposite of the River Thames.

    London Resort bosses are considering plans to hire two vessels, which would be docked in the River Thames at Tilbury in Essex, to accommodate workers during the six-year build of the £2.5bn park on the Swanscombe Peninsula.
    It is proposed accommodation would be provided at market rates and would help "mitigate negative impacts on the local constrained accommodation market".

    Workers would then be ferried between the ships across the Thames to the construction site before and after shifts. But while it would provide "huge relief", resort bosses concede the "potentially unsightly nature" of the ships which would also reduce the knock-on local economic benefits due to "activity being contained on board".

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