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Local Name:
The London Resort
Former Name(s):
Paramount Park London
08 Oct 2012
Construction Start:
353 ha
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    But London Paramount is having a reshuffle so hopefully this will bring new energy to the project. (See the latest news section on their website).

  2. Chinese companies could get preferential access to contracts in exchange for investments.
    Chinese companies may get preferential treatment for contracts to build a £3.2 billion entertainment resort in Kent in exchange for future investment.

    David Testa, chief executive of London Paramount, said Far East investors were delaying putting in cash for the theme park and hotel complex until they could discuss joining the supply chain for the project.

    So far, 900 companies have registered an interest, many of them in Britain.

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    More bad news for Paramount Park.

    One of London Paramount’s prominent figureheads has walked away from the project, just two months after the developer made a public assurance that the theme park was on track.

    Fenlon Dunphy has played a major role in progressing the plans for the £2bn (US$3bn, €2.8bn) Kent-based theme park and resort, attending many of the public consultations and exhibitions held by developer London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH).

    Progress on the project seemingly slowed when a planning application that was expected last year was delayed, but LRCH insists the scheme is going ahead.

    Dunphy has given no reason for his departure, but local news provider Kent Online reports CEO David Testa is continuing as CEO and the rest of the team will stay the same.

    Dunphy remains UK boss at LRCH’s parent company and Paramount’s largest investor, Kuwaiti European Holdings (KEHC), which he joined in 2013. KEHC is owned by Abdullah Al-Humaidi, who oversees the theme park and resort development alongside Testa and former politician Steven Norris.

  4. What about the traffic on the A2 that is grid locked most days before the 15000 new homes in the area?

  5. I wonder whether Brexit will kill the project. What do you think? The drop in the pound might help, though.

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    Construction plans have been delayed until 2017 due to consultations that are currently taking place, as mentioned in previous posts.

    Plans to construct a $2bn Paramount theme park in north Kent have been delayed.

    The park’s developer, London Resort Company Holdings has said it has delayed submitting its planning application until 2017 while consultations take place.

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    More information on this next round of consultations with more information on the access plans which have been contested by local businesses.

    The changes to access come after a dispute with more than 140 business owners whose companies sit on land needed for the project near the Swanscombe Peninsula between Gravesend and Dartford.

    The company has delayed meetings with Peninsula Management Group, which represents the firms on Northfleet Industrial Estate, Kraft Kent Estate and Manor Way Business Park.

    The group has said 4,500 jobs could be lost from the area if businesses are forced to close or relocate, estimating compensation would cost £500 million.
    LRCH insisted funds remained in place to take the project through the planning process. It is backed by Kuwaiti company KEH, owned by Ebbsfleet United chairman Dr Abdulla Al-Humaidi.

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    Another round of consultation is starting as plans "progress" for the park.

    Commenting on the announcement on behalf of London Paramount, David Testa, CEO, London Paramount, said, “We’re delighted we are entering a critical stage in the planning process for the Entertainment Resort. While we had hoped to have submitted an application by now, it is much more important to ensure the evidence base is robust and comprehensive to maximise the prospects of success, which means the preparation time is longer. The funds are in place to take this project through the planning process.
    This will be the 5th stage of consultation and no planning has even been put in as yet so it's massively behind schedule.


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