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Local Name:
The London Resort
Former Name(s):
Paramount Park London
08 Oct 2012
Construction Start:
353 ha
  1. CarlySX is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Dec 2015
    Just as a warning I was invited to this on facebook...
    According to this fake facebook event they are opening in 2020 on 3rd January. It's a total scam with weird photos and information but wanted to flag it in case anyone gets it sent to them.

    I hope they have a lot of tickets because they have a lot of interest! Perhaps the real paramount might want to look at this and use it to get it funded and built.

    I have shared it with friends to say it's a scam for collecting likes, friends, photo information etc but worth keeping an eye on. It's a weird thing to use as it's not really big news in the UK at all unless you are into parks!

  2. CarlySX is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Dec 2015
    Not always the most trusted source for attractions news but The Daily Mail is talking about completion before 2021

    The main opposition has been from companies from the industrial estate that will be cleared to house the tourist attraction.
    Following meetings with local residents last year, construction is now set to begin in 2018.
    Further setbacks were experienced in February, when they massively overstated their cash assets, according to The Sun.
    The accounting error stated that London resort Company Holdings had £291,000 in the bank, when it actually had just £952.
    Other concerns include how the surrounding area will cope with the increase of tourists.
    Peter Fleming, leader of Sevenoaks District Council, told the news site: 'We have not got a lot of accommodation for tourists at the moment.
    'People already come to our area and find they cannot get a bed.'
    The site as it currently looks.


  3. Planning application has been delayed and raises doubts over opening date:

  4. Tala is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Some disputes about relocating affected establishments....

    Last year, developers delayed their planning application for a second time to the summer of this year, saying they needed more time to create a thorough submission for Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, who will make the final decision on whether it is approved.
    Peninsula Management Group says no meaningful negotiations have taken place with businesses on the site, with relocation expected to take at least another 18 months to complete.

  5. CarlySX is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    ...and just to keep our hopes alive here is the Kent Online talking to Steven Norris (London Paramount Chairman) about regeneration of the area, the middle-eastern backers of the project and the transport concerns.

    If all goes to plan, London Paramount will open its doors in 2021
    Now that is a sentence filled with possibility! I like the use of the word "if".

  6. Firefingers is offline Park Investigator
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    Yes, I am sure the delay is down to the transport plans being inadequate. Although 100 million much, it is a decent start, and with Merlin running into difficulties but the British consumer left without alternatives, now is the time for a large scale competitor to strike.

  7. CarlySX is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    So just to update.

    On the 29th October 2015 Paramount announced officially that they had an initial £100million in funding from Sinofort for the project.

    However that is not really something to celebrate. £100million is not going to cover much in a project of £3.2billion and looking through the amount of consultation work still going on through this year without the funding the consultation process will take up most of this money without even getting to a construction phase.

    There has been some opposition to the park being built with concerns about transportation (both during construction and whilst open) being the main sticking point. This area is in desperate need of development however and the local economy would really benefit.

    I hope that we do see consultation to be positive and further investment to be attracted but with the deadline slipping by a year again and investors holding back investment money until further investigation is done it may be a failed project very soon.

  8. Will Paramount ever finish a park?


    "Chinese investment group SinoFortone agreed to invest £3.2bn in developing an amusement park in Ebbsfleet."


    This is fantastic news for the project!

  10. None of these Paramount projects ever see the light of day anyway.

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