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  1. Why Kent? It must be one of the most inaccessible areas of UK if you live north or west of M25!

  2. Because all those TV series you listed are internationally known... Sherlock and Doctor Who are very popular series in the US.

  3. That's great but the business model is to attract international visitors who will have no idea about Dr Who, Top Gear and or the BBC version of Sherlock set in the modern day. They would not have the top Dutch, German or French TV program converted into an attraction so why these?

  4. Popular BBC shows such as Doctor Who, Sherlock and Top Gear could be turned into theme-park attractions as part of a development deal involving the Hollywood studio behind Mission Impossible and Star Trek.

    BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, has struck a deal with a Kuwait-backed property developer to allow a range of its programmes and characters to be “brought to life” at a new £2bn theme park and holiday resort to be built by the Thames estuary in north Kent, in partnership with Paramount Pictures.

  5. Not for a long time -- 2016

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    When is construction likely to start?

  7. Here's more concept art found in the brochure:

  8. Paramount London will be displaying their plans for the £2bn Paramount London Entertainment Resort on the Swanscombe Peninsula. It will feature a theme park, waterpark, sporting facilities, an entertainment street, a staff training academy and about 5,000 hotel rooms.

    If all goes to plan, it will open in early 2020.

    The display will be at Thurrock Civic Hall, Blackshots Lane, Grays. 2pm-6pm on November 12th.

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