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Local Name:
The London Resort
Former Name(s):
Paramount Park London
08 Oct 2012
Construction Start:
353 ha
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    Local Infrastructure

    HI, I live within the area that Paramount Park will be built.

    I'm not dismissing a theme park at all as we all know areas change etc and this is the perfect spot for something like this to be built with links to Europe via Ebbsfleet etc. However, what does concern me is the local infrastructure. There are a lot of houses being built around here and with the traffic from Bluewater, the A2 and the M25 that divert through the area especially when there is an accident or a problem at the Dartford Crossing is already causing problems for the area, in this week alone there has been 2 van fires on the M25, 2 multi car accidents on the A2 and other various incidents on top of road works that have made the area gridlocked.

    How will the area cope with substantial traffic on roads that cant cope with the already extra mass of traffic. Roads are being changed to make way for housing estates but London Road is not built for so much traffic, it cant be expanded in places either as it already runs round the edges of old chalk pits.....
    I hope that Paramount Park will take this into consideration, the area is changing rapidly and the local roads cant cope as it is, I wonder if Paramount would consider using the River Thames as a way to transport in building materials etc and maybe once built a ferry from London to Kent to carry visitors, it would take so many cars off the road.

  2. Can't wait for the next public consultations next month, with more defined info including the infrastructure scheme of a monorail from Ebbsfleet International Station direct to the Theme Park.

  3. Strange how the graphic and plan are totally different, the buildings in one are not in the other.

  4. Some very early concept artwork work created by Paramount Licensing

  5. "It looks quite small."

    Once built this site would be twice the size of the Olympic Park built in east London.
    So it's certainly not small.

  6. It looks quite small.

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    Dear members and non-members,

    themeparX is about concrete and verifiable theme park project and construction updates.

    Posts discussing the weather of the UK and Spain, or whether a Paramount Park in Murcia would be personally preferable over a Paramount Park in London, and vice versa, render these threads useless for those looking for project status updates.

    Please understand that we will delete such posts in the future.

    Thank you,
    themeparX admin

  8. It is pointless talking (or more accurately arguing) about Murcia. The project has been planned for Kent. End of story.

  9. The tourist figures for Murcia are not misleading, they're correct. You guys are just clutching at straws. No private investors in over four years. One thing Spain isn't short of is land. It would make much more sense to build it close to a major city or tourist region, not in a poor, rural area.

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