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Emma Lampard
Global Marketing Director
Omnico Group

The number and quality of clicks we get from themeparX is much higher than
any other advertising we do.

Jan Maarten de Raad
Jora Vision

This has worked very well for us. We have noticed a considerable increase in quality leads coming through our website.
In fact, a lot of leads!

Dirk K. Runzheimer
Sunkid Heege

We signed up, now we are first in Google. Delivered as promised.
What were we waiting for?

Mike Oswald

Take it seriously as the results are real. Traffic on our website has increased dramatically. Well worth it.

Sascha Czibulka
Executive Vice President

From #7 to #1 in Google in 3 days.
That's pretty good for a start!

Coralie Husser
Digital Marketing Manager

Visitors originating from the themeparX campaign spend an average of 5 minutes and 10 seconds on our website. Very good!

Rainer Maelzer
Wiegand.Maelzer GmbH

Quite fascinating outcomes right after signing up. Good job Theme Park Guy!
And yes, we do get fresh leads and
deals originating from our website!

Markus Beyr
Founder & CEO

Signing up with themeparX has helped a lot with gaining more visibility into the market, and we love to observe how our search engine rankings are getting better every day!

Kiran Karanki

We are happy to be onboard themeparX. It's an invaluable tool for us to drive more traffic toward our site and drive higher sales.
Thanks Stefan!

Patrick Severn Lamb
Managing Director
Severn Lamb

I was a doubter, but Stefan and themeparX have delivered upon their commitments within a few months! Well done guys, thank you.

Sohret Pakis
Head of Marketing

We signed up with themeparX
(back in 2015)
and the results were incredible!

Taylor Jeffs
Legacy Entertainment

Spectacular. Really tremendous.

Terry Monkton
Managing Director

Delighted to be on board themeparX. Excellent marketing tool invaluable for
theme park suppliers.

Vikram Chopra
Director of Development
Qiddiya (Saudi Arabia)

I am among your most frequent visitors!

Peter Sanderson

Our platform is fully integrated with themeparX and receives a perpetual stream of leads from serious developers and IPs.
Don't underestimate the internet!

Kimberly Weidman
former Marketing Head
Gateway Ticketing

We measure all our marketing efforts, and themeparX is delivering us qualified leads.

Kenneth Wiener
Construction Director
Disney, Universal, WB parks

Great focused tool
for a very specific market.

Brad Loxley
General Manager
Luna Park Sydney

When it comes to theme park construction updates, there really is no alternative to

Heather Bumgarner
Director of Marketing
Atlantis Dubai

I love themeparX! It's like the oracle of the theme park world. Thanks for
making my job easier!

Alan Danson
Founder & CEO

I just logged into our supplier account
and made some changes.
Very easy to use, I like that!

Anja D'Hondt
PR Strategist

After setting up our account, it is so much clearer now. Really clever how the theme parks' reach are utilized to create exposure
for suppliers, to everyone's benefit.

Vincent Pijnenburg
Hainan R&F Ocean Paradise

I know a lot of other insiders that use themeparX frequently to keep up to date on the industry.

Tristan Ishtar
VP Sales

I have no idea what algorithms or Harry Potter-esque magic Stefan and his team conjure up, but I can tell you it works!

Sean Reish
VP Sales
Wartsila Entertainment

themeparX is a fantastic strategic marketing tool and their customer support is top notch.

A Client
who prefers to stay

It's amazing, it really is. But I won't give you a testimonial. Then my competitors will get it. No way! I hope you understand.

Marco Mazzucchi
Head of Marketing

" WOW! "
(reacting to the traffic and exposure measured 24 hours after signing up)

Jenny Zika
Marketing Manager
Kraftwerk Living Technologies

I just sat down with our CEO and showed him our account. He is excited. Really, really excited.

Thomas Hessler
Serial Entrepreneur
Internet Investor

Prior to his theme park times, Stefan and his company have generated in excess of €50 million in online sales with us.

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Bill Gates
$100 Billion Net Worth

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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to be sure that every member of the themeparX Supplier 100 gets as much value as possible. By limiting membership to 100 of the industry’s top suppliers, we create a focused and authoritative collection of the world’s best theme park suppliers on the world’s best-ranked industry supplier platform. Each member can be sure that they are maximizing their exposure to the right audience, getting credit for the projects they’ve worked on, getting a leg-up on their competition, and leveraging the unique power of the world’s #1 authority for global amusement industry project updates.

You inherit the power of #1. The themeparX Construction Board is the world’s #1 ranked authority for global amusement industry project updates. Our site is ranked at the top of Google, Bing, Baidu and others when searching for information about any major theme park development in the world. That means traffic: well over a million unique visitors per year, and tens of millions of combined project views. One project alone – 20th Century Fox World Malaysia – has received more than 1.4 million views. Take a look at our numbers (for the month of May 2020):'s monthly visitation and traffic numbers

A typical themeparX Supplier 100 member can expect to receive hundreds of thousands of impressions on the themeparX Construction Board in their first year, and over a thousand visitors directly to their site as a result. And not just any visitors: visitors from themeparX are people who have sought information about a theme park or water park project, found you as a supplier to that project, and want to know more about you. Customers report that visitors originating from us are among the best they get, often their #1 source of quality traffic, that they spend several minutes on their website on average, and turn into serious leads. Take note that referral traffic does not even include the increase in organic traffic you will likely experience through the SEO "Power Link" (see further below).

Results vary depending on the quality and speed of your website or landing page, where leads are ultimately generated. We send you high-quality business visitors, and it is up to your site to convert that traffic into leads. If your website loads slowly, your English is not up to global standards or your contact form is broken (we’ve seen many industry supplier websites that suffer from all of these ills, and more), you shouldn’t expect many results. If you have a compelling online presence loading within seconds, powered by great messaging, and supported by videos, photos and customer testimonials, you're set for success. Rest assured that the traffic you'll receive from us is the industry's best. Suppliers report to us that has become their #1 source of quality visitors. The Google Analytics screenshot below, shared by a happy client, illustrates in detail the quality of traffic you get from us compared to other industry referrers (and once again, that's JUST the referral traffic, not the organic boost you get):

Compare Total Number, Bounce Rate, Pages/Session and Session Duration

The SEO Power Link directly impacts your own domain's organic rankings.

  1. You select a keyword phrase that customers use when looking for your services (we can help).
  2. You will inherit the power of the #1-ranked theme park construction and supplier portal in the world.
  3. When buyers search your keyword phrase across search engines, they find you at or near the top of the results.

Within one (1) hour of your account going live, you will finally be found when your potential customers Google what you do. If this is not the case, and you elect to leave within the first seven (7) days of your membership despite the many other benefits, we will fully refund your subscription fee.

1,200,000+ unique visitors per year. #1 in Google for most keywords. Fewer than 40 spots left!

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