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12 Dec 2016
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08 Jun 2017
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  1. Well that is if construction resumes anytime soon. Hopefully the situation gets better, not just for the parks sake but also so the construction crews can work without fear of plans falling through cause the world's a mess. Hopefully the troubleshooting and design work already being completed after Japan means the lands construction will go smoothly, I don't know about the rest of Epic Universe though.

  2. I know right, I want to see at least one photo on ride. Not the ending because it just shows the high score. I want to see when characters appear I need to wait till 2023 when it opens here in Orlando

  3. Even before the ride opened we heard that it used physical sets, so the AR shouldn't be an issue. I'm guessing that the interactivity and the fact that you have your scores tied to you would make it risky for a passholder to nab footage, since it could be tied back to them. But the grand opening is in a month, so we aren't gonna wait long!!!

  4. I can't believe there is no onride video yet of the Mario Kart ride haha!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    If you look closely this is the full version of those website leaked photos we got a few months ago

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