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12 Dec 2016
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08 Jun 2017
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  1. Anything728 is offline New User
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    It looks like the construction of the main ride building for Donkey Kong has been fully completed. This was from the overflow queue of Yoshi's Adventure during my visit last week.

    Theming for the main load/unload area seems to be almost fully finished as seen from the Forbidden
    Journey queue.

  2. Cygnus is offline Curious Chap
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  3. The first one is an alien-themed maze called ”Area 51” which was at HHN 2019. (It's also the site of the "Dead Man's Forest" series that preceded it.)

    The second is a sample yard where the Nintendo Area sculptures are being produced. This location is being prepared for a future expansion site.

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    New Expansion at USJ?
    Recently was looking around on Google Earth and found some “secret” expansion areas that USJ has been working on. We all know Donkey Kong is upcoming near Super Nintendo Land but these (first one behind San Francisco Area, where BackDraft was; and second one between Jurassic Park and WaterWorld area).

    The first one seems to have its queue line pretty much completed with the foliage and the pathways. There seems to be some kind of a UFO crashsite ; literally all I can think of is Men In Black or some other alien themed attraction.

    The second one definitely gives me anticipation for it can be either the announced “Pokemon” project (which right now is on parades and shows but not an attraction yet) or it could be a similar land to Universal Monsters from Epic Universe.

    If anyone has any information on these expansions please sound off. Always excited on new things Universal is working on!

  5. Expansion pads for USJ. Also shows how close World Expo 2025 ( will be to the park:

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