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12 Dec 2016
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08 Jun 2017
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  1. Was the land well themed, or was the food any good, and how was Koopas Challenges?

  2. I have plenty! Have were the the precautions for the virus in the land? Also, on the Yoshi ride is there any interactivity? What's under Peaches castle, is it just bathrooms or are the rumors that it's a stage true? On the Mario Kart ride how good is the AR technology and how wide are the are the spaces around the track, is it like barren or wide and well themed? What does the park feel like at night? Did you buy a power up band, I'd you did, was it engaging or did it feel basis? What challenges did you do? Did you eat any of the food, buy any merchandise? How long do you think it takes to experience the entire land? Are the animatronics any good? Do the paths feel wide enough, like Tokyo wide? Do the mascot characters appear in any spot beyond their meet and greet areas? On the Mario Kart ride what were the items like? What was the best part of the ride?

    I know it's a lot, you don't have to answer them all, thank you for giving us the opportunity to ask questions!

  3. I live in Japan, and I've already been to Nintendo World!
    Do you have any questions?

  4. This is first iteration of the land. I hope, over the years we will see improvements.

  5. The queue line looks like the Cat in the Hat ride at Islands of Adventure because of the plastic mall playground feel it gives off.

  6. Someone did write about it online but I forgot what website. He said it was very fun and the augmented reality was overwhelming and also extremely accurate. Overwhelming in a good way lmao.

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    The Mario Kart ride is going to be very tricky to show how it works because of the argurmented goggles. It’s very weird that no one has said something good or bad about this ride.

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