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12 Dec 2016
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08 Jun 2017
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    The Mario Kart ride is going to be very tricky to show how it works because of the argurmented goggles. It’s very weird that no one has said something good or bad about this ride.

  2. Hopefully this pandemic won't be a decade long thing, eventually we will get our first ride through this summer.

  3. Are we ever going to get a POV of Mario Kart? Don’t think I have ever waited this long ever!

  4. Tomb Raider actually had a ride in one of the Paramount Parks, getting back on topic Super Nintendo World isn't actually the first time Nintendo let Mario appear in a theme park, that credit goes to Reino Aventura in Mexico, now Six Flags México.

  5. A universal take on Tomb Raider franchise would be pretty cool. It'd be like a modern day Indiana Jones Adventure.

  6. I know it's going to be amazing commercial-wise and all, but what I meant was that Universal is really shifting its boundaries, not that it's bad, I just found it really compelling. This is a little off topic but what would you guys wish Universal did in the future? (lands, rides, attractions, anything)

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