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12 Dec 2016
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  1. Are we ever going to get a POV of Mario Kart? Don’t think I have ever waited this long ever!

  2. Tomb Raider actually had a ride in one of the Paramount Parks, getting back on topic Super Nintendo World isn't actually the first time Nintendo let Mario appear in a theme park, that credit goes to Reino Aventura in Mexico, now Six Flags México.

  3. A universal take on Tomb Raider franchise would be pretty cool. It'd be like a modern day Indiana Jones Adventure.

  4. I know it's going to be amazing commercial-wise and all, but what I meant was that Universal is really shifting its boundaries, not that it's bad, I just found it really compelling. This is a little off topic but what would you guys wish Universal did in the future? (lands, rides, attractions, anything)

  5. To draw a comparison with the Wizarding World, I knew nothing of Harry Potter (never read the books or saw the films) before stepping into the land for the first time. It's still an amazing feat that was pulled off in building the land, and there is tons of detail in there for the die-hard fans or newcomers alike. I've witnessed people burst into tears while entering the land for the first time, which speaks to the power of the IP and people's connection with it.

    Nintendo is going to have the same effect. It's a showpiece for the park. They're pushing interactivity with the land, which has been toyed with in the past, but never integrated this deep before. The land is already gotten coverage outside the theme park sphere, and is going to attract an audience who may not have interest in other lands. Parks are better off for being diverse with their offerings, and Nintendo will only broaden the appeal.

  6. Nintendo, and the Super Mario IP in particular, is one of the biggest pop culture franchises that until now didn't have a theme park presence. It is a dominant name in video games and is revered globally even after 35 years. I personally thinking adding more attractions aimed at families will help further round out the Universal parks as a whole too.

    “Nintendo, based on our research, is the biggest potential driver in attendance you can have in terms of intellectual properties,” said Comcast executives during the call. “It’s up there with Harry Potter, and in some of our parks, HP drives incremental attendance of 2 million people.”

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